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Sales and Marketing.

We make the future real.

Our goal is to inspire customers with first class Volkswagen vehicles and services, so that they don’t just say “This is my car” but “This is my brand”.

General information.

Our employees are the people who deliver tailor-made cars to our customers and provide them with first-class service after the sale. We listen to our customers’ wishes - from the very first time we talk about a possible vehicle purchase to the delivery of their dream car. And, of course, we are available after the sale to answer all questions and listen to all suggestions.


Marketing, sales and services.

Our responsibilities in sales, marketing and after sales comprise product and sales marketing, the sale and service related to all aspects of the vehicle and also new mobility services in future. This work involves both the daily analysis of the market and consideration of special regional and cultural features. Our main goal is always to create satisfied customers and dealership partners – in more than 150 countries in the world.

Working in Sales and Marketing.


At the start of the product-development process, we conduct analysis through product marketing about various market and customer requirements. Working with development and other speciality departments, we assist with the new products throughout the entire creation process. We define product characteristics, design equipment and price components, and specify and refine them in the development process until market introduction.


In the area of marketing communication, we develop the global 360° marketing concepts for the Volkswagen brand and its products. The work involves digital, social and analogue communications, motor shows and events as well as branded entertainment. We shape the Volkswagen brand – for and together with our international market organisations.

Sales controlling plays a key role in global sales planning. We work closely here with teams from the sales regions and the Board of Management divisions finance, production and human resources. In addition to long- and short-term volume planning, our responsibilities include the strategic price planning of vehicle projects and support of the entire vehicle-ordering process between the customer and automaker via system worlds.

The organisation of employee development in sales by the Sales Academy and the management of company-wide process optimisation are other aspects of our work.

Our dealership partners are supported by the areas of Sales Germany, Sales Europe, Sales International and the regions of China, South America and North America. The contact partners are active in markets throughout the world: from Australia to Canada and from Russia to Brazil. Our areas of responsibility are quite diverse, characterized by different market conditions and the impact of local languages and cultures.

We do such things as define the strategic direction of the brand, the product spectrum and the sales targets of the market. We put them into action with the help of the departments assigned this responsibility – either in Wolfsburg or together with local colleagues.

The home market of Volkswagen Passenger Cars is supported by Sales and Marketing Germany. The market is divided into seven regions, a step that ensures that our local dealers get the best-possible support. The range of our jobs extends from traditional vehicle sales, the sales organisation and support of digital topics, to the planning and implementation of specific marketing measures in the dealership network.

We have just one goal for everything we do: creating satisfied customers.

Our team in After Sales and the Dealer Network handles all jobs and processes that occur at the dealership partner after the sale of a vehicle. Worldwide. The key focal point is helping the dealership partner provide comprehensive support to the customer. This involves such jobs as ensuring service quality and providing fast delivery of original parts. The team's responsibilities also extend to analysing and increasing customer satisfaction as well as ensuring the satisfaction of dealership partners.

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