Meet our recruiters


Meet our recruiters

Get to know some of our recruiters here from our Volkswagen Recruiting & Talent Marketing team. And by networking with them, they can get to know you, too.

Our mission - to find the perfect match

We are on hand as a reliable contact and negotiating partner to support applicants – like you – and ensure that you experience a fast and transparent application process. We guide the applicant and the department personally until the contract is signed.


Network on LinkedIn and XING

If you connect with us on LinkedIn or XING, for example, we can give you additional information about the job, the requirements or the departments - and of course one or two tips for your application.
Please note, however, that we cannot always respond immediately due to the volume of letters.

We look forward to getting to know you.
Your VW Recruiting Team

Marathon runner from Berlin and VW recruiter for the Digital:Lab Berlin and the Software Development Centre

Nature and horse lover and VW recruiter for battery development

Passionate guitarist and beach-volleyball player and Recruiter in IT

Passionate surfer and VW recruiter for technical development 

And you can count on it

Business fluency in Spanish, five months abroad at the North Pole and relevant experience in warp theory? Sometimes the qualification requirements of the departments can really stress us out.
But our job is to find the ideal candidate for each advertised job. To make sure we succeed, we keep in close contact with the particular department seeking a candidate and also advise it on the job specification if necessary. We then start searching directly, for example, on XING, LinkedIn or at career events, and check the applications we get from you at the same time. Finally then, we create a list of recommended candidates for the department.


Nice to see you in person

Meet us at numerous events

We are at various career events - maybe you will be there too.

And last but not least:
Our job offers

Your dream job is just a few clicks away. We look forward to meeting you and receiving your application.