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Your internship at Volkswagen in Germany

Apply for one of our internships in 2024

Broaden the scope of your degree with practical experience via a voluntary internship or compulsory internship at our sites in Wolfsburg, Hannover, Braunschweig, Emden, Kassel, Salzgitter, Berlin, Munich and Dresden. You can complete an internship at Volkswagen in a range of different areas and gain valuable experience, all of course with intensive specialist support, a salary and holiday leave.

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Briefly noted


Briefly noted

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Target group: Students with good academic performance
We offer internships in:
Wolfsburg, Hannover, Berlin, Munich, Kassel, Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Dresden and Emden
Business areas: We offer internships in all departments
Application period: all year-round
Start: Possible at any time
Duration: 2 until 6 months


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    Locations & departments

    Where can I do an internship?

    You have the opportunity to complete an internship at Volkswagen in almost all departments and at the following sites:

  • Times, deadlines & duration

    When can I apply?

    We offer a lot of internships throughout the year. You can find theses on our Job Portal. You can also apply for an advertised position at any time.

    When does the internship start?

    You will find the time for the start of the internship on the relevant advertisement. As a rule, the internship starts at the beginning of a month. In individual cases, it is also possible to discuss an individual start with the department.

    How long does an internship last?

    Your internship will last between eight weeks and six months. The time and duration will be defined to suit your conditions of study. Between ourselves, we recommend completing at least a six-month internship with us, as this gives you sufficient time to get to know Volkswagen properly and to familiarise yourself with your topic. It is generally possible to extend or shorten an internship.

  • Working hours & mobile work

    What working hours will I have during my internship?

    During your internship at Volkswagen, you will have a 35-hour week, i.e. 7 hours per day.

    • You will start work between 7.30 am and 9 am, depending on what you agree with your department
    • You will finish work accordingly between 3.40 pm and 4.40 pm, depending on your start time; however, you will not finish any later than 5.45 pm
    • Minimum working hours per day: four hours
    • Lunch break: 40 minutes

    Can I also do mobile working?

    At Volkswagen, interns can generally work up to two days per week on a mobile basis, provided their duties permit this. You can discuss the number of days and the days of the week on which you can do mobile working directly with your department.

  • Support & mentoring

    How will I be supported during my internship?

    It is important to us that you experience and learn a great deal during your internship and have fun. A supervisor will therefore be on hand to support you throughout your entire internship. Our colleagues from the internship team will be there for you during your application and the recruitment process. And if you have an administrative question during your internship, the specialist team at our consulting centre will be happy to help you.

I was able to gain a range of intercultural experiences during the internship.
Intern in Volkswagen Brand Pilot Hall



  • You are in an active, ongoing study programme, for example a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree
  • Your average marks are good
  • You are studying a subject relevant to the department
  • Driving licence (B) desirable

Language skills:
In most departments, the working language is German. We therefore recommend that you have at least a basic knowledge of the German language, even if your department or team always speaks English or changes to English for the duration of your internship.

-> The exact qualification requirements can be found in the respective internship job postings on our Job portalOpens an external link

Voluntary internship 

If you would like to do a voluntary internship with us, you must not have previously completed a voluntary internship or student position at Volkswagen.

Mandatory internship

For a mandatory internship, you will need official proof from your university that a mandatory internship must be completed. Please note that the conditions of study alone are not sufficient proof.

Non-EU citizens 

If you come from a country outside the European Union, you will need a work permit.


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Internship in a gap year?
That's how it's done:

Would you like to do an internship in between completing your bachelor’s degree and starting your master’s degree; a gap year? No problem.

Usually you are not enrolled at a university during this time, which is a prerequisite for an internship with us. In this case, please attach a declaration of intent or confirmation from your faculty/university that you intend to begin a master’s degree.

Your benefits

Get to know Europe’s largest automotive company through an internship at Volkswagen, where you will work in exciting areas of the company and have responsibility in projects. And you will be part of a large team, which already has its sights fixed on the mobility of the future.

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    What will I earn during my internship?

    Whether you are undertaking a voluntary or mandatory internship or writing your dissertation, we pay everyone the full statutory minimum wage. That goes without saying. But we also do so in a spirit of fairness. Even if it is only for the foreseeable future for now.

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    How much holiday will I have during my internship?

    Interns at Volkswagen naturally receive paid holidays – just like all other employees. The number of days is calculated on the basis of the duration of your internship and legal regulations. Your personal contact from the intern support team will also help you with these queries.

We also offer you:

  • excellent support from the department and the intern team
  • employee terms and conditions when purchasing a Volkswagen
  • assistance with finding a flat1
  • an exciting tour of the plant2
  • the opportunity to take part in a training course for job interviews2
  • a regular intern roundtable for exchanging and networking

1 Depends on location
2 Based on availability

Accommodations during your internship

(only in Wolfsburg at the moment)

SF rooms through Volkswagen Immobilien

Do you need a place to stay during your internship? How about a room in a shared flat? A SF room is perfect if you want to quickly get to know new people and the city of Wolfsburg. Of course, a SF room needs to have a flexible lease as well as be low priced and easy to rent. After all, you will need it only during your internship. This is exactly why Volkswagen Immobilien offers such SF rooms to you (only in Wolfsburg at the moment).
You can learn more on the website of Volkswagen Immobilien.

After the internship

Prospects: Has your internship come to an end? There’s more to come

If you make a really positive impression as an intern and have achieved good or excellent grades in your studies, we have two more interesting options for you.

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Did you enjoy your internship at Volkswagen and would like to further expand your practical experience afterwards? Then why not write your dissertation with us?

International internship

Gain international work experience through an internship abroad at one of the Volkswagen Group companies.

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Entry opportunities after graduation

Have you completed your bachelor's or master's degree? Then you will find the relevant entry options here.

Scholarship for master's degree students

Benefit from € 950 per month, a smooth transition to employment after completion and many other advantages.


And here’s where you apply to us for an internship

Is this your first time to apply to us? Not a problem: to make sure you get it right we can tell you first how it works.


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