Panorama of a green landscape in front of the Volkswagen site in Salzgitter

Welcome to Salzgitter

The charming city is a collection of many idyllic districts. And on the way you will also find our site for reliable, innovative and fast engines.

Why this is a good place to live

The city

Green meadow in front of a farmhouse with mill

With a population of more than 100,000, Salzgitter is one of the largest cities in Germany in terms of surface area. Rural flair captivates with lots of green areas and fresh air – and offers a fantastic variety of sports and recreational facilities.

People ice skating

All popular leisure facilities are naturally also offered in Salzgitter. However, a special attraction takes centre stage for a good six months from October. A 1,800 m² slippery attraction not only casts a spell over ice princesses: The gleaming ice skating rink is a magnet for winter sports enthusiasts, spectacle lovers and disco fanatics. During the warmer months, the multifunctional arena hosts music events and trade fairs.

After all the hustle and bustle, a little relaxation is of course also a welcome relief: simply bear witness to the living history of Salzgitter. Ringelheim Castle captivates its visitors with its baroque church built in 1694 and valuable organ. Or amble graciously though an English park in Gut Flachstöckheim.

The surrounding area

Who doesn’t yearn for somewhere shrouded in a mysterious cloak of magic. With its earthly beauty and marvellous traditions, the Harz Mountains are virtually around the corner from Salzgitter. Discover enchanted forest paths or spend ghostly Walpurgis Night (the night of witches and devils) on Mount Brocken – the highest mountain in northern Germany. Between the different individual districts in Salzgitter, you will however also find fields, forests, lakes and streams. Perfect for all sports types, whether on land or water. The walking trails in the Salzgitter Hills alone are a good 150 kilometres long. This is in addition to the 120 kilometres of cycling tracks.

Two musicians playing guitar

Things worth knowing

What is known worldwide today as street music or busking was already popular in Salzgitter in very early times – musicians from Salzgitter were already internationally renowned in the 19th century. These buskers were known by the name “Klesmer” and played as far away as on American streets or around camp fires of gold diggers in Australia. Busking was a reasonable source of income in times of economic hardship and the musical repertoire ranged from folk songs to overtures. A music festival is held every year at Klesmerplatz to commemorate these musicians and attracts an international audience.

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