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Jobs & Careers for Graduates: Entry opportunities after the Bachelor's or Master's degree

Have you completed your studies?

Then we have fantastic entry opportunities and jobs for you. How about one of our trainee programmes or the doctoral programme? Or perhaps you would prefer to hit the ground running in communications with our practical traineeship? It’s up to you. In any case, we are on hand to kick start your career. With coordinated programme modules, seminars as well as support on academic and interdisciplinary matters. And let’s not forget: with attractive remuneration and numerous company benefits.

Start your career with our entry programme for graduates and young professionals

The StartUp Direct programme is our entry-level programme for university graduates with no more than three years’ professional experience and takes 12 months in total.

Start your career directly at international level

Would you like opportunities to work abroad? Have you already spent at least four months abroad and have no more than one years’ professional experience overall? Then our StartUp Cross trainee programme is ideal for you. The programme consists of a number of modules and includes a three-month assignment at one of our locations abroad.

You have studied for long enough. It’s time to add the finishing touch.

Do you have what it takes and would like to do a doctorate? Then our doctoral programme offers you a fantastic opportunity to work on up-to-the-minute research topics. During the course of the three-year programme, you will work directly in the relevant department, receive support on academic and interdisciplinary matters and attend exciting seminars. And so that you can concentrate fully on your work, you will of course receive an attractive salary and paid holiday leave.

Communication can make the difference. Above all when it comes to your career.

Following successful completion of our practical traineeship, you will have earned the title "Kommunikationsreferent DAPR" (DAPR Communications Officer). The two-year programme includes exciting project assignments and targeted seminars. And naturally offers attractive remuneration and holiday leave.

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