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Your work-study degree programme at Volkswagen in Germany 2024

A work-study degree programme at Volkswagen allows you to combine studies at university with unique practical training – and to benefit from all sorts of other advantages.

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Work-study degree programme

Briefly noted

Work-study degree programme

Briefly noted

Application: 01 Aug 2023 until 31 Mar 2024
Start: September 2024
Duration: 3,5 until 4,5 years
Requirements: good A-level grade
Degree: Bachelor
Monthly remuneration:
1.221,00 EUR 

A double start to your professional life: Volkswagen dual – the work-study degree programme

Our work-study degree programme "Volkswagen Dual" offers you the great opportunity to combine your bachelor's degree with numerous practical experiences during the semester holidays in different departments of the Volkswagen company.

  • Requirements

    These are the basic requirements you need to meet:

    • A good grade for your Abitur (German university entrance qualification) (at least 2.1 to 2.4 depending on the course of study)
    • Advanced courses related to the area of study with good grades
    • Keen interest in technology, automobiles and the topic of mobility
    • Commitment, conscientiousness, mobility and resilience
    • Adequate knowledge of the German language

    A number of work-study degree programmes require that you are not affected by a colour vision deficiency.

    All other prerequisites can be found in the respective descriptions of the work-study degree programmes further down.

  • Time periods

    If you wish to start your work-study degree programme in the winter semester 2024/2025, then the following application period applies: 1 July 2023 – 31 March 2024

    Please note that the practical component and training at Volkswagen usually start in September, and therefore before the winter semester starts.

    You will complete your work-study degree programme after 3.5 or 4.5 years – depending on the respective course of study. Precise information about the individual courses of study can be found further down on the corresponding details page.

  • Degree

    Depending on the respective course of study you will complete your work-study degree programme at your university with one of the following degrees:

    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Bachelor of Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science
    • Bachelor of Education
  • Sites

    You can complete a work-study degree programme at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Hannover (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles), Braunschweig, Emden, Kassel and Salzgitter. This means that you will complete either your practical or training phase at these Volkswagen sites. The respective university at which you will be studying is usually also located at the same place (or nearby). In a few cases, the university may also be further away. You will find the corresponding information on the details pages about the work-study degree programmes further down.

What you can expect

By offering work-study degree programmes, we help you to combine intensive practical phases in tandem with your studies at a university. On top of that, you receive an attractive monthly salary and transfer to the company following successful completion. You will be working in a company whose aim is to revolutionise the mobility of the future like probably no other. An exciting time therefore awaits you with numerous fantastic opportunities.

Your benefits of completing a work-study degree programme with us

Theoretical content is applied in practice at an early stage
An interdisciplinary network can be formed
Experiences shared with other participants in the work-study degree programme and in vocational training
You get an understanding of interdisciplinary company processes
Professional experience that extends beyond the completion of internships
Opportunity to write your final thesis
And best of all:
After successful conclusion of your studies, you can expect to be offered a position at Volkswagen*

(*Final grade must currently be at least 2.5; other regulations relating to offering positions are based on the “Vocational Training Wage Agreement” as amended)

Living and commuting

Special offer: flats for students in Wolfsburg

You’d like to do a work-study degree programme at Volkswagen and are looking for four walls of your own? If so, you should drop by Volkswagen Immobilien. They have a special offer for you in Wolfsburg. You will find more information, the terms and conditions, the available flats and contacts on the website of Volkswagen Immobilien.


If you would prefer to live in a shared flat (SF) during your work-study degree programme, Volkswagen Immobilien has just what you are looking for. You can easily rent low-priced rooms such as these for periods of time that reflect your needs. You can learn more on the website of Volkswagen Immobilien. This offer is currently only available for Wolfsburg.

Nächtlicher Blick vom Wolfsburger Hauptbahnhof zum Volkswagen Werk


You don’t live directly at one of our sites? Then have a look whether commuting might be an option.

How to apply

Choose your course of study

You’ll find a list of our work-study degree programmes above. Click on a course of study of your choice to find out more about it. You can also apply for several work-study degree programmes at the same time. Everything you need to know can be found here: how do I apply for multiple work-study degree programmes?

Inform yourself

What does the course of study involve, which subjects does the course of study cover, and where is it held? Is there a parallel training course or practical phase? And are you equipped with everything you need? Find out on the respective details pages.

Apply online

If you’d like to apply for the work-study degree programme you’ve chosen, then you’ll find the corresponding function on the respective details page. Please note that applications are only possible within the application period.

This is how your application proceeds


And there’s one last thing we’d like to tell you:

We’re already eagerly anticipating you and your application! :-)
Help and contact

Any other questions? We're happy to help

Help and contact

Any other questions? We're happy to help

Stilisierte Gedankenblase mit Fragezeichen

Do you have questions about the work-study degree programme at Volkswagen? Then just give us a call: +49-5361-9-46470

8:00 am to 4:00 pm (Mo - Fr)
The costs depend on the respective tariff of your provider. Roaming fees may apply if you are calling from abroad.

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