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What is the status of my application?

When you send us your application, we review it carefully. The time it takes for this process depends on the number of other applications we receive for this position, but usually we respond to you within 4 to 8 weeks at the latest.

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Brief overview: What happens from the time you submit your application until we respond to you

Automatic confirmation of receipt

The first response you receive from us is an automated one that is generated as soon as your application is received successfully. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt, please check your spam folder or otherwise get in touch with the contact listed on the job description.

Automatic confirmation of receipt
Checking the minimum and formal criteria

The next step is to review your application. First we check whether your statements fulfil the minimum and formal criteria for the position. For instance, for an internship you must be enrolled at a university or be in a gap year between your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. If you do not fulfil these criteria, you will receive a rejection letter from us. Otherwise, we forward your application to the relevant department.

If particular statements/documents are missing, we will contact you about this and ask you to send these on to us.

Checking the minimum and formal criteria
Review by the department

The department now assesses your application purely from a professional point of view. Thereafter you receive either a written or telephone invitation to an interview or a preliminary online test, or a rejection.


Checking the status of your application online

You can check the current status of your application at any time in your applicant profileOpens an external link. You will find all of the applications you have submitted to us here as well as their current status:
  • At draft stage: You have not yet sent us this application. Please do not forget to also press the Send button when you finish your application ;-)
  • In process: We have received your application and are checking it in depth.
  • Rejected/expired: If an application has been rejected, you will find it here. However: If it also has the note “In process”, this simply means that the job is no longer being advertised (it has “expired”), but that applications already received are still under review.