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Direct entrants

Jobs & careers at Volkswagen for experienced professionals

Direct entrants

Jobs & careers at Volkswagen for experienced professionals

Do you have more than three years professional experience? Find exciting jobs in Wolfsburg, Hannover, Munich, Berlin, Braunschweig, Kassel, Salzgitter and Emden, work mobile and flexible in terms of time and benefit from attractive remuneration at VW.

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Attractive remuneration

Good pay for good performance. We think this is only fair. The remuneration system is based on our company collective agreement, which offers a very attractive basic salary. The individual amount of your remuneration ultimately depends on the activities and responsibilities you undertake with us based on your expertise and experience.

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35-hour week

The collectively agreed working time with us is 35 hours over a 5-day week. This leaves you more time each day for your private life and relaxation. After all, not only should it be possible theoretically to achieve a work-life balance, it should also be possible in reality. Not least because this also enhances health and well-being.

*possibly depending on location, activity and/or contract
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Flexible working

We want you to achieve a good work/life balance with us, which is why we offer numerous flexible working models. For example by facilitating flexitime, use of working time accounts or enabling people to work at variable times and in variable locations.

Mobile working

You can also agree a mobile working arrangement with your manager – for example working from home on fixed days. In accordance with statutory and collectively agreed regulations, you can organise your working hours freely in the period between 6 am and 10 pm.

What does Volkswagen offer me?

Find out here about the many advantages and excellent opportunities available to Volkswagen employees, which only a global corporation can offer.*

*possibly depending on location, activity and/or contract

Your benefits

New to the area?

New job, new city? If you are considering moving to Wolfsburg, Hannover or one of our other Volkswagen locations, the following information and offers can help you.

Your development opportunities

By offering various training and advisory services, we facilitate horizontal and vertical professional changes for you, which allow you to take on new roles and responsibilities. Together with your manager, you map out a vision for your personal career progression at Volkswagen in the course of regular qualification discussions.

Your pathway to management at Volkswagen

Have you already gained ample professional experience and would now like to take on new roles and additional responsibility? Then perhaps the pathway to management would be of interest to you. Our management development programme takes our best people to the top. International development programmes such, as iLead, Group-wide exchange of talented employees as part of our Group Executive Programme and uniform standards for selecting and developing our management, prepare our managers excellently for the requirements of a global company.

Find out more about iLead
More about the Group Executive Programme

Get to know us even better

The inside story: Reports of our colleagues

Who could be better qualified to provide a clear and credible report about us than an employee at Volkswagen? Take a look here at the interesting experiences of our employees from a range of different departments.

Our corporate divisions

In which team do you want to start? Research & Development? Battery? IT? Sales? Or somewhere else? Discover more about our diverse divisions at VW.

Why Volkswagen?

Find out here what sets us apart as an employer, such as collegiality, openness, sense of responsibility, diversity, commitment or our principles.

Meet us on career events

Get to know us at one of our career events, then we can answer your questions personally.

Career Magazine

With our career magazine you get great insights into our working and corporate world.


Get to know some of our recruiters here from our Volkswagen Recruiting & Talent Marketing team. And by networking with them, they can get to know you, too.

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If you want to join us as an experienced professional, then you should have at least 3 years of professional experience.

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