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Scholarship for master's degree students including transition to employment

Get your master’s scholarship at Volkswagen and benefit from €950 a month and a subsequent transition to employment

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Volkswagen master’s scholarship

Briefly noted

Volkswagen master’s scholarship

Briefly noted

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Target group: Students starting a master’s degree
Study subjects: Any
Location: Events will take place in Wolfsburg
Next application period: 01 July to 25 August 2024
Monthly support: € 950

The perfect complement to your studies: The aim of our scholarship is to actively support students who have started their master’s degree – both financially and by giving them the opportunity to build up a network, exchange experiences and gain practical experience. Best of all, once you have your master’s degree in the bag, we will offer you a transition to a permanent position.

Application period
The next application period is 01 July to 25 August 2024.

We award around 50 scholarships a year


What requirements do I have to meet for the scholarship?

Any student who has completed a bachelor’s degree and has not yet started the second semester of their master’s degree programme can apply for the Volkswagen master’s scholarship. So if you’re in between the two, perfect!

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    Do I need a to achieve specific marks?

    To apply for the master’s scholarship, you do not need specific or minimum average marks in your bachelor’s degree. However, these must be sufficient to be able to start a master’s degree. Your bachelor’s marks will be a factor in our selection process.

    Moreover, you will need a guaranteed place for the master’s degree.


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    What do I need to study?

    Our scholarship is open to all subjects. These include, for example, the following master’s degree programs:

    • Business information systems
    • Automotive engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Mechatronics
    • Automation technology
    • Computer science
    • Data science
    • Power and microelectronics
    • Electric drive technology
    • Electrical engineering
    • Embedded systems
    • Automatic security
    • IT security
    • Design
    • Electrical engineering
    • Battery technology
    • Commercial law
    • Business studies
    • Physics
    • Psychology

    This list is not exhaustive. As said, our scholarship is open to all courses of study.

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    What are the selection criteria?

    Anyone who wants to join Volkswagen must meet a number of criteria. Of course, this includes technical abilities and, for students above all, academic achievements – and preferably initial practical experience, for example

    • Internships
    • Work experience
    • Activities at the university
    • Voluntary commitments/voluntary positions

    In addition, integrity, responsibility, openness and the ability to work in a team are fundamental requirements for us.


Your benefits

This is what we offer you as part of the scholarship

As a scholarship holder at Volkswagen, you will benefit from numerous advantages during your master’s degree programme that you will not find anywhere else.

See for yourself.


Remuneration: Financial security during your studies

So that you do not have to worry about money during your studies, or at least worry less, we will support you with a monthly gross amount of EUR 950. If you do an internship with us during the time of your scholarship, you will receive additional remuneration for this.

Taking the pressure off studying: No obligations during your master’s degree

We want you to be able to concentrate on your studies. That’s why we don’t impose any requirements on you as to what you have to do during the time of your scholarship. We do not have mandatory practical assignments.

Events and networks: Meet interesting people

Our Volkswagen team consists of an incredible number of great people with exciting lives and career paths, and a lot of specialist knowledge. Get to know them, talk to them and benefit from each other.

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The scholarship should be a support for students, not a burden.
VW Recruiter

Seminars and further education: expand your knowledge

In your master’s degree, you are already building up extensive knowledge. We support you in developing this into expertise. That’s why we offer you various opportunities for further training, such as seminars that you can attend free of charge on site or online.

Gain practical experience and earn extra money

Would you like to do an internship during your master’s degree and put your university knowledge to practical use? No problem: We’ll help you find the right internship with us, so that you can get the maximum benefit from it.

Something that sets us apart from many other companies is that you will receive compensation for the internship in addition to your scholarship payout.

Write your master’s thesis right here at Volkswagen

Even the best master’s degree programme comes to an end – a good enough reason to write your master’s thesis (dissertation) at Volkswagen. The benefits are clear:

  • You’ll be writing in an environment with direct and up-to-date practical relevance.
  • You have the technical advice directly on site.
  • You have access to informational and technical resources from Volkswagen.
  • You can publish your thesis with us online, but you can also have it printed and bound.
  • In addition to your scholarship payment, you will receive remuneration.

Learn more about dissertations at VW

Mentoring: Well looked after all round

It sounds pedestrian, but it’s not: Good support is important. It keeps you up to date, lets you get familiar with interesting topics, further training opportunities and people, and gives you exciting practical experience and expertise for how to proceed at the end of your scholarship. That is why our scholarship comes with proper mentoring.

Let’s be honest

What does Volkswagen get from the scholarships?

Let’s be honest

What does Volkswagen get from the scholarships?

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You’re probably wondering why Volkswagen awards scholarships? It’s a fair question. Here is the answer:

To be able to implement our vision of environmentally friendly and climate-neutral mobility for the majority, we need a high level of technical expertise, but also passion, ideals and the commitment to our team – to Volkswagen. That is why we want to inspire young people at an early stage about our goals – and about us ourselves.

The scholarship is a way of establishing close contact and a basis of trust between students and us.

How our scholarship works

Application: How to get the scholarship

To be accepted for our master’s scholarship, you can simply apply online at the bottom of this page. If your application is particularly impressive, we will invite you to a selection process where we can get to know you in better.

Your contract: You are now a scholarship holder

If your application process was successful, you will receive your scholarship contract from us. From the first applicable month, you will receive EUR 950 gross per month.

Events, internships, networking… what is important to you?

During the time of your scholarship, you will continue to study and live your life as before. We do not impose any obligations on you. We will send you regular invitations to various events that are voluntary, such as informal evenings with managers, a CV check, face-to-face seminars.

We also offer you the opportunity to do an internship with us, and help you to find the right one. Throughout this, you will continue regular contact with your buddy.

Your master’s thesis: Why not at Volkswagen?

Your final thesis comes at the end of your studies. We give you the opportunity to write this directly at Volkswagen. Your supervisor will clarify the details directly with you.

Transition: Welcome to Volkswagen

If you have completed your master’s degree with good final marks, we will offer you a firm transition to employment. Find out more in the next section on this page.

Transition to employment after the scholarship

What happens after the scholarship?

When your master’s degree come to an end, the Volkswagen scholarship also ends. But your journey with Volkswagen has only just begun. If you finish with a good degree, you will receive a firm offer from us for a permanent job at VW – with a very attractive starting salary.

We will discuss this with you at an early stage and clarify exactly where you want to start and what task you can take on in our Volkswagen team. You can shape your career path with us from the very beginning – and can coordinate your thesis with us.

When you accept a permanent position, you will also have access to the numerous benefits that Volkswagen offers its employees.


Here you can apply for our scholarship for master’s students

Next application period:

01 July to 25 August 2024

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