Working at Volkswagen

Onboarding: The first days at Volkswagen

Working at Volkswagen

Onboarding: The first days at Volkswagen

Your first working day at Volkswagen is an exciting thing. You are in a new environment, meeting new people, including your new team, hearing new terms – and just about everything is unfamiliar. That’s why we would like to be at your side you from day one and support you in arriving, getting oriented and settling in.

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Brief overview

Right from the start: We are at your side to give you a good start at Volkswagen

Your first day in your new job:
What to expect


Your hiring day: Welcome to Volkswagen

Your first day at Volkswagen is like checking in at the airport – it marks the start of an exciting journey. If you’re starting at the Wolfsburg, Braunschweig or Salzgitter sites, we will be delighted to welcome you centrally in Wolfsburg – either in HR:City, directly opposite the central railway station (click here for other sites) or at the Autostadt, which is also only a few steps away from the central station.

Here, we will go through a few documents with you again, answer your questions and then issue you your Volkswagen Card, which will identify you as part of the Volkswagen family from now on. The Card also opens doors and serves as a payment method in our company restaurants, self-service shops, café bars, vending machines or other shops.

In addition, you will find out everything you need to know about Volkswagen, working hours, holidays or your company pension scheme in an onboarding presentation – and will receive important information on the topics of code of conduct, compliance and data confidentiality.

Then you will start in your department.

View of the HR City of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg
All lined up for you: your work equipment

To ensure that you are optimally equipped for your tasks, you will receive your work equipment right at the beginning. Depending on your duties, this usually consists of:

  • Smartphone + accessories
  • Laptop + accessories
  • Specific technology for mobile working if required
  • Company vehicle (with required authorisation)

If you need additional equipment for your duties, your department will procure it for you.

Safety training: It’s best to be on the safe side

Health and safety precautions are very important at Volkswagen. In order to avoid accidents, we carry out safety training before you get started. In this section, you will find out what you need to look out for and what may be prohibited.

You will also receive instructions from your manager that are specifically geared to your duties.

Hi & moin! We are your new team

In the first few days, you will get to know your new team and possibly colleagues from other departments or service providers with whom you will work. It is perfectly normal not to be able to remember every face or name – that comes with time.

We also recommend that you arrange a short appointment with your Works Council so that you know everyone involved in your work.

Gruppe von jungen Leuten in der HR City von Volkswagen in Wolfsburg
My friend and buddy

You have various contact persons in your team. Many teams and departments also have an additional buddy programme. New arrivals are supported by a mentor who will serve as their first point of contact in their first few days and weeks, introduce the team, and will show them their tasks, projects, processes, ways of working (e.g. agile forms of work) and the premises. In addition, you will receive extensive training in your department so that you are prepared for your new duties.

Our HR representatives from the HR Advisory Centre are on hand to answer any questions you may have about working at Volkswagen.

Getting to know Volkswagen

360° Volkswagen Net

Here you can find out more about Volkswagen from day one. One of the most important points of contact is our 360° Volkswagen Net – an online platform on which you can find the latest news, blog posts, podcasts, company offers and documentation, as well as meal plans for the company restaurants.


We also offer the seminar “Introduction to the world of Volkswagen”. These are set dates that you can book to attend exciting presentations on various topics relating to the Volkswagen company.

How a car is made

We also offer a unique opportunity to spend three weeks getting to know the field of production for young professionals (StartUp Direct, StartUp Cross and the PhD programme). Here you will work together with experienced colleagues, for example in manufacturing or the paint shop.

After onboarding

As soon as your official onboarding is complete, you can of course continue to rely on help and support.

  • Your manager supports you in all technical matters and advises you on your professional development and career planning.
  • The HR Advisory Centre (HRBC) is available to answer all your questions about your work at Volkswagen, such as parental leave, pension plans etc.
  • If you have a severe disability, our colleagues who act as representatives for disabled employees will be there for you.
  • In our virtual communities, you will find a lot of colleagues who are familiar with a particular topic and who exchange information with each other. You can connect directly with them.
  • Our Works Council (Betriebsrat) is a trustworthy partner who is on hand to support everyone.
  • If you have a problem with your laptop, mobile phone or an application on your computer, you can rely on our technical support colleagues.
  • Our health centres are at your disposal at all sites for advice and treatment, and you will also find colleagues from company health insurer Audi BKK at our sites.
  • As described above, you will find comprehensive information about Volkswagen on our Intranet.
Sounds good?

You can’t experience onboarding at Volkswagen without an application

Sounds good?

You can’t experience onboarding at Volkswagen without an application

Eine Frau kniet auf dem Boden und tippt auf einem Tablet Computer

If you would also like to have your onboarding at Volkswagen, simply look in our job portal for a suitable entry position – and go for it. We look forward to receiving your application.

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