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Career website and the online application

1. Content and availability

The providers of this website are Volkswagen AG, Berliner Ring 2, 38440 Wolfsburg, entered in the register of companies of the Braunschweig District Court under no. HRB 100484 (Volkswagen AG) and/or the respective partner of Volkswagen AG specified in the site notice or in the provider identifier for a delimited area (e.g. sub-pages) of the website.

All of the content of the Volkswagen AG website has been checked carefully. Volkswagen AG strives to ensure that content on the Volkswagen AG website is current and accurate. However, the company cannot guarantee that its website is complete, correct, up to date and constantly available.

Volkswagen AG shall accept no liability for the content or availability of third-party websites that may be accessed via external links. Volkswagen AG also accepts no responsibility for the content and availability of delimited areas (e.g. sub-pages) of the website that are provided by partners of Volkswagen AG. Volkswagen AG expressly dissociates itself from all content which may infringe criminal or liability-related laws or which could be considered contrary to accepted standards of public decency.

2. Property rights for the content of the websites

The copyright, name rights, trademarks and other property rights of Volkswagen AG and third parties must be observed when using the Volkswagen AG website. Among other elements, images, music and brand names that are presented on these pages by Volkswagen AG are protected. The accessibility of the Volkswagen AG website does not constitute the granting of a license or other right of use.

3. Improper use of the websites

Any improper use of the Volkswagen AG website is prohibited; this includes, in particular, bypassing any security measures. In addition, it is not permitted to use any system or run any application that could or might damage the Volkswagen AG systems or cause them to malfunction, in particular by making any changes to the physical or logical architecture of the servers and networks of Volkswagen AG or any other networks. A systematic commercial use of the Volkswagen AG website is prohibited without the consent of Volkswagen AG.


4. Services

From the website, you can access further content and services from Volkswagen AG or partners of Volkswagen AG (“services”). Please note any applicable terms of use for these services.

5. Online application

You can only use our online application system to display any vacant positions that are currently advertised, to create an application profile and to apply for positions with this profile.

5.1 Registration

To apply, you need to be registered on our job portal and you need to create a personal application profile. In this profile, you can change or add to your personal data and documents at any time, you can configure our Job Agent to match your needs, and you can check the progress of your applications. You can also delete your application profile here at any time. You can only view our job vacancies, save searches, define favourites, print the job advertisement as a PDF and share them without registering/creating a profile.
To register, we need you to provide your form of address, first name, surname and e-mail address. You also need to specify a user name and password (see section 5.3). In addition, you need to agree to our privacy policy by selecting the checkmark in the corresponding field.

5.2 Your responsibility as a user

You may only use the online application system for the purposes specified under “5. Online applications”. In particular, you may not use the system or parts thereof to carry out activities which can be directly or indirectly illegal;
Furthermore, you agree not to

  • impersonate another person;
  • intentionally submit false information;

In the event of intentional/deliberate violation we reserve the right to ban you from further use of the system and take legal action if we consider this necessary.

5.3 Password

You agree choose strong and secure password. You must keep password secret to prevent misuse. As soon as you have reason to believe that unauthorised third parties have gained knowledge of your password, you must change it immediately. If the service is accessed by third parties (third-party use) using the password, then you have the same obligations as if you were using it yourself. This obligation shall not apply to the extent to which you were not responsible for the third party use.

6. Disclaimer

Volkswagen AG shall not be liable for damages caused by you choosing an unsuitable password for your application profile or for failure on your part to keep your password safe. Volkswagen shall also not be liable for damages caused by third parties to whom you have granted access to your application profile.


7. No liability for advice or recommendations

Volkswagen AG shall not be liable for damages incurred as a result of following advice or recommendations published on the Volkswagen AG website, without prejudice to responsibilities arising from a contractual relationship, a tort or delict, or another legal requirement.

8. Dispute resolution

Volkswagen is neither willing nor required to take part in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration board.

Version dated: February 2023