People of Volkswagen

At Volkswagen, we are always striving for innovation in order to help shape and change the future of mobility in a sustainable way. We question the existing, develop new technologies and explore new ways. But this change does not happen on its own: it is the people at Volkswagen who are the key drivers of this transformation. And it is precisely they who distinguish us as a group.

Get to know the people and stories behind Volkswagen.

One company – numerous stories

672,800 Volkswagen employees worldwide who are shaping the mobility of tomorrow. And every single one of them is special. In our new content series, some of our colleagues from different areas and departments meet and exchange ideas. They get to know each other and discover the faces behind the different departments.

Meet Ole

“Mobility can change our society in many different ways.”

Ole sees above all the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. His job as Servant Leader at Software Innovation & Development Center (SID) Hanover is to rethink so that our products become more sustainable and future-oriented. In the video he tells us how his strength as a storyteller affects his work.


Meet Maryia

“I think it's important to question what impact technologies have on our humanity.”

Maryia, a PhD student at Volkswagen Group Innovation, combines her work with her fascination and interest in science fiction. Find out more about it in the video.

Meet Florian

“A good team atmosphere is when you have the most diverse characters working together.”

Working together with colleagues, the togetherness and collaboration is particularly important for Florian, because it motivates him every day in his work. He tells us what else he appreciates about his work life.


Honest answers to important questions

Before applying for a job, applicants usually have a lot of questions. Most of them can certainly be answered by our recruiting team – but some answers you might prefer to hear from your potential future colleagues. We asked important questions and got honest answers. 

Why Volkswagen?

The reasons why our employees have chosen Volkswagen are as varied as our colleagues themselves. Find out what makes Volkswagen unique for our team and what they particularly appreciate about the company.


What is the team atmosphere like at Volkswagen?

Without mutual trust, solidarity and support in the Volkswagen team, we would not be where we are today. Because only as a team can we pursue our goals together. Take a look at what else is important to our employees in terms of team atmosphere.

What was your best career decision?

There are moments in life when we have to make certain decisions regarding our career. While some are easy, others may present us with unexpected challenges. We asked our team what they could tell us about their best career decision.


What does...?

There are many exciting people, jobs and places at Volkswagen – that’s why we let them speak for themselves! As part of this series we visit Volkswagen employees from different divisions and talk to them about their career, current tasks and challenges in their job and what drives them every day.