Stilisierter Netzplan

Commuting? No problem

The nearest Volkswagen site is often closer than you think, and has very good connections. Learn more about job tickets, parking, shuttle services, and how to get there.

Commuter tickets (job tickets)

Would you prefer to commute to work by train rather than by car? Then the subsidised job tickets are perhaps of interest to you. The following are available at present:

  • DB Job Ticket
  • marego Job Ticket
  • VRB Job-Abo
  • GVH-Jobticket

The discounted annual ticket is billed by direct debit directly between you and the respective transport provider/association.

Free parking

If you’re coming to work by car, you can of course park for free and there are plenty of charging spaces for recharging your electric vehicle (the number of charging spaces available is being continually increased).

And, obviously, you can also park your bicycle, motorcycle or flying broom with us for free. There are around 3,000 covered bicycle bays at the Wolfsburg site alone.

The following car parks in Wolfsburg are all part of the route covered by the in-house shuttle network “Move”: Allerpark (behind the stadium), Nordwest (at Research and Development) and the Service Academy (Kästorf).

Free internal bus shuttle (Wolfsburg)

We offer you the option of our free, in-house “Move” shuttle at the Wolfsburg site. Whether you’re going to your workplace in the morning or heading out to an appointment during the day, several bus lines ensure you reach your destination on the plant grounds or in IT:City quickly and conveniently. A number of car parks are located next to the plant gates ensuring you won’t have far to travel from the station or your car. All you need is your plant ID card.

Once on board with us, you’ll meet friendly colleagues, you can use the free Wi-Fi, recharge your mobile phone or, when you’re on your way home, you can find out about connections arriving at the main railway station in Wolfsburg.


Commuting times


Commuting times

Hand hält eine Stoppuhr

The time it takes you to reach us from your home (and vice versa) depends of course on a number of factors, for example starting point, traffic volume or size of the family of ducks crossing the road in front of you. The example below is for Wolfsburg (information is naturally subject to correction for the reasons just outlined):

Train: ca. 20 minutes
Car: ca. 30 minutes
Train: from ca. 30 minutes
Car: from ca. 60 minuten
Car: ca. 60 minutes
Train: from ca. 65 minutes (depends on origin train station)

Your route to us

Directions and navigation with OpenStreetMap

Your route to work at VW in Wolfsburg

Your route to work at VW in Kassel

Your route to work at VW Nutzfahrzeuge in Hannover

Your route to work at VW in Emden

Your route to work at VW in Braunschweig

Your route to work at VW in Salzgitter

You’d rather not commute?

Sites with a high quality of life

There’s no need to commute: our sites offer great living conditions. Learn about what makes them so unique here:

Wolfsburg, Hannover, Braunschweig, Kassel, Emden and Salzgitter

Mobile working

At Volkswagen, we of course also offer mobile working where possible. You’ll find more about it here:

Flexible working hours

Avoid rush hour by structuring your working hours flexibly. You’ll find more about it here: