Panorama of Volkswagen’s Hannover site

Welcome to Hannover

Lower Saxony’s state capital Hannover offers impressive horsepower. In the guise of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Hannover. Or in other words, this is the home of the VW Bulli van, so popular and beloved for decades.

Why this is a good place to live

The city

Panorama of Volkswagen’s Hannover site at night

Hannover has well over half a million inhabitants, who value the contrasting diversity and security of life here. Lower Saxony’s capital offers you all of the advantages of a large city, yet remains charmingly unassuming in a typical Northern German way.

Two ballet dancers on the stage

You will never lose your sense of direction in Hannover, that’s for certain. It even accompanies you on your journey to the city’s highlights. A 4.2 km long line, drawn on the pavement with red paint, guides visitors and Hannover natives reliably to their desired destination. For example to the central district, where not only shopping enthusiasts will get their full money's worth. Old town lovers will also be captivated by a historical tour, taking in the 14th-century market church “Marktkirche” built in North German brick Gothic style.

Meanwhile, the city’s opera house, the Staatsoper Hannover, is a delight for the ears. As a venue for opera, ballet and concerts, this seat of culture attracts visitors from all over the world to Hannover to listen enraptured to the musical performances.

The surrounding area

The Lüneburg Heath is quickly and easily accessible with all forms of public transport. Many films have been made here since the 1920s, skilfully capturing the beauty of the blossoming heathland. As a nearby recreational destination for Hannover, the Lüneburg Heath also offers countless cycling, walking and riding trails. 

If you enjoy a fresh sea breeze, the seashore and the sea, then a short break to the North Sea is a must. Or maybe you’d prefer a day trip to Bremen or Hamburg.

Panorama of the Lüneburg Heath in the twilight

Things worth knowing

Everything is on the rise here: Standing at just under 98 metres, the Dome of the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus) in Hannover can be explored using a lift that’s like no other lift in the world: As you begin the ride, the lift ascends in a vertical direction and then tilts at a 17-degree angle mid-journey. You can follow the route close up through the two windows. There’s no doubt, the curved dome lift is truly unique.

Panorama of Volkswagen’s Hannover plant

The Plant

The plant in Hannover’s Stöcken district is the corporate headquarters of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand. The plant in fact resembles the one in Wolfsburg in many respects, which is not surprising because it was originally modelled on it. It is responsible for the Volkswagen Group’s worldwide business in multipurpose vehicles and light commercial vehicles.

Apart from numerous industrial robots, some 14,200 human colleagues also work at the Hannover site.

The sixth-generation T-series and the Amarok pickup are manufactured at the Hannover plant. Our foundry also has an international reputation, among other things producing cylinder heads and inlet manifolds for the Group. Our heat exchangers are also made here.

Jobs – Our positions and entry opportunities at the Hannover site

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