Working at Volkswagen

  1. Working at Volkswagen
The value of a company is not determined by buildings and machines, nor by its bank account. What is valuable in a company are simply the people who work for it and the spirit in which they do so.
Heinrich Nordhoff
What is important to us

We not only want to inspire our customers, we also want to support and encourage each and every one of our employees on their personal life journey and career path. That’s because, when you work at Volkswagen, not only have you a secure job, you are also a member of one big family. When do we get the pleasure of bringing you on board?

  • A man standing in front of wind turbines
    A man standing in front of wind turbines
  • A woman and two men viewing a company building
    A woman and two men viewing a company building
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We want to be a model company

  • A man standing in front of wind turbines
    A man standing in front of wind turbines

Think of an environmental role model. Did you think of us at Volkswagen? Probably not. But that’s exactly what we have done in the field of the environment. We want to deliver mobility for everyone and, as we do so, minimise the impact on the environment. That’s why we are again setting ourselves very ambitious targets for reducing the environmental impact of production. By 2025, vehicles and components are to be produced in a way that is 45 percent more environmentally compatible than in 2010, the reference year for the current Think Blue environmental programme.

We have already reached our first target of producing our vehicles 25 percent more sustainably by 2018 before the date set. With Think Blue. Factory., Volkswagen launched the first holistic programme for environmentally sustainable production.  5,300 measures to reduce emissions and use resources more efficiently have been implemented worldwide since then. 16 existing paint shops have been optimised and the base load energy consumption of the plants during non-production times fell by 15 per cent on average. Several locations are taking 100 per cent of their power requirements from renewable sources since the start of the programme, among them our plants in Zwickau and Chemnitz (Germany).

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Why working at Volkswagen?

Benefits we offer

Find out here about the many advantages and excellent opportunities available to Volkswagen employees, which only a global corporation can offer.*

*possibly depending on location, activity and/or contract


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Diverse opportunities. Innovative work. Digital future. Our corporate culture.

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We are one of the most successful volume manufacturers in the world – and the Volkswagen Group’s core brand. We produce our vehicles in 14 countries and deliver them to customers in more than 150 markets. In short: The Volkswagen brand is a byword for mobility for many millions of people – and not just today, but tomorrow also. That’s because we a driving force behind the evolution of automobile manufacturing. Electric mobility, smart mobility and digital transformation are our core topics for the future.


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