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This is the online test

Your application

This is the online test

We conduct an online test when you apply for a training position or for StartUp Direct or StartUp Cross. You will find everything you need to know in this regard here.

Online test for vocational training applications

We would like to get to know you better. All those who have applied for a training position will receive an invitation to our online aptitude test around 24 hours after submitting their first online application. This test usually takes approx. 30 to 45 minutes and can be taken on any computer connected to the Internet. Your invitation contains your access password, which remains valid for three weeks.

For reasons of fairness to other candidates, it is not possible to repeat online tests once they have been started. Make sure therefore that you are not disturbed during the online test and have a stable Internet connection. Every applicant may only take the test once. This also applies if you receive another invitation to an online test for whatever reason. If in doubt, simply contact us via the applicant hotline.

Online test for StartUp Direct / Cross applications

Prior to the special recruitment day (assessment centre) for StartUp Direct and StartUp Cross, we will invite you to take an online test, which takes around 60 to 70 minutes to complete. The test involves various individual tasks under three main headings:

  • Cognitive abilities
    This test examines your ability to think abstractly and your understanding of logical correlations. For example, this could involve completion of sequences of numbers or letters, but also more complex analogies.
  • Personality
    This test examines your way of working and how you handle different situations.
  • Integrity
    Anyone working at Volkswagen must act with integrity at all times. We therefore conduct an integrity test at this early stage.

You can take the online test from home – or elsewhere – using common browsers on any computer or tablet connected to the Internet. We recommend not to use a smartphone so that you do not lose time by swiping and scrolling.

Help and support

You have not received an invitation to the online test or cannot start it? Here you'll find answers and support.

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