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Our job application tips: from the cover letter to the CV to the interview

Here are some useful tips and advice about your cover letter, CV and interview at Volkswagen.

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Tips for the
cover letter

If you apply to us online, you can also upload a cover letter. Find out here when this is worthwhile and how to formulate a cover letter.

Do I have to include a cover letter with my application?

If you apply to us online, it’s perfectly OK just to send us your CV. If you want to, you can attach a cover letter to your application, for example if you want to point out anything particular about your career or skills that you don’t think can be clearly shown in your tabular CV alone.

How should I formulate my cover letter?

Your cover letter should always be short and to the point, and only a supplement to your CV. One way to structure your letter would be to address specific requirements from the job advertisement. You don’t need to use the formal salutation and traditional structure you might find in job application guides. The content alone is what counts.

Application tip from our recruiter Jana: Be yourself and win us over with your personality, not with strengths and weaknesses from a guide

Tips on the CV

When you apply to us we need your CV. If you’re applying for a training position or the Work-study degree programme (vocational training combined with university studies), you can provide us with the relevant information by filling in your applicant profile. For all other entry levels that can already use our new online application option, you don’t need to fill in the applicant profile. Instead, you simply upload your CV as a PDF, DOCX, image or text file, although we recommend using the PDF format.

  • What should I put in my CV?

    What you put in it depends largely on the entry level you are applying for. If you’re applying for a training position, your school qualifications are more important than they would be for the PhD programme, for example. In that case, you could simply list your final secondary school examinations (when, where, what grades) and put more emphasis on your degree course.

    Also show us where and how you gained your experience, for example through project work (e.g. from school or university), voluntary work, internships, jobs or training courses. For dissertations or student research projects, include the title and the grade awarded. If you had a long stay abroad during or after your school or university studies, put this in as well. This includes student exchanges, terms abroad, working holidays and jobs abroad.

    You should also list your language and software skills. If possible, use the common proficiency levels A1 to C2 for your language skills. Alternatively, you can describe them, for example as “conversational” or “business-fluent”. If you like, you can also tell us about your hobbies.

  • How do I structure my CV?

    Your CV should be tabular and begin with the most recent stage of your life, such as your school or university degree or your current studies or job. The first page should also include your name and your date and place of birth. It’s not essential to include your address, email or telephone number on your CV, as we can see them on your applicant profile.

  • Do I have to include a photo of myself?

    No, that is voluntary of course. But if you want to send one, it doesn’t have to be a traditional application photo. Just keep in mind that a picture from the latest party or the beach might not be appropriate.

  • How long can the CV be?

    Ideally, a CV shouldn’t be more than 2 pages long. Therefore, only list the stages that are relevant to your application and keep them concise. Don’t include information that simply takes up space. For example, you don’t need to tell us about your parents. Please note that the font size should not be less than 11.

Application tip from our recruiter Peter: Show us who you are, what you are, what you like and why you want to be part of the Volkswagen team.

Tips for your

You can do it!

We conduct most of the interviews online. To make sure you’re nice and relaxed when the time comes, we’ve put together a few tips for you.

Be prepared

What’s special about Volkswagen? What values are important to us? What are we working on now? What challenges do we set ourselves? Find out in advance about Volkswagen and, if necessary the area for which you are applying. Useful sources are:

Practice your interview

Ask friends or family to go through questions that could be put to you in an interview or that you might like to ask yourself.

Start the day well

Have a good breakfast in the morning, but don’t make it too heavy. Experts recommend bananas, for example.

Check your technology

Familiarise yourself with the Teams application before your online interview, try out the best position for your camera, and charge up your laptop, tablet or smartphone or have the charging cable ready.

More tips for online interviews

Don’t be disturbed

Try to make sure you have sufficient peace and privacy for the duration of your video interview. Close any windows to the street and if you don’t live alone, put a “do not disturb” sign on your door. Before the interview starts, make sure you have a glass of water on the table, as well as your documents (CV, certificates), notes or anything else you might need.

Freshen up

Make sure you freshen up again before the interview. This will improve your concentration.

We’ve all been through it

Remember that everybody at Volkswagen was also once in your position – including those conducting the interview.

I’ve got what it takes

Keep in mind that you’ve been asked for an interview because of your qualifications. In other words, we wouldn’t have invited you if we weren’t sure you’re a good candidate.

We don’t bite

We all know that nerves are part of any interview and will try to create a pleasant conversational atmosphere. We’re looking forward to meeting you in person.

And finally, perhaps the most important tip:

Always be yourself. This saves a lot of concentration and energy. Besides, we don’t want a stereotype from an application guide – it’s you we want to meet.

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