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Your internship with us through AIESEC

If you are a citizen of an EU or non-EU country and apply for an internship at Volkswagen through AIESEC, you will profit from the wide-ranging partnership maintained by Volkswagen and AIESEC. Learn more on this page about what we can offer you and how you can apply.

AIESEC internship

Briefly noted

AIESEC internship

Briefly noted

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AIESEC is active in 126 countries and is the largest international student organisation with 50,000 members. Volkswagen and AIESEC initiated their partnership in 2018 with the goal of helping international students to get their internships in Germany off to a smooth start.
Target group: students who are enrolled in institutions of higher learning outside Germany (a gap year is possible)
Internship listings are posted throughout the year
The application period is year-round
We offer internships in:
Wolfsburg, Hanover, Kassel, Braunschweig, Salzgitter and Emden

An AIESEC internship or a “normal” one? What is the difference?

Even if you do not come from Germany, you can naturally use the normal process to apply for one of our internships. But we want to provide international students with an internship that is specifically designed with their needs in mind, things like finding a flat or dealing with governmental formalities.

In the following section, we will briefly introduce you to the benefits that an internship awarded in cooperation with AIESEC will provide you.


You feel the diversity, cultural openness and welcoming corporate culture.
Eylül Yesilcicek
Participant in the partnership between AIESEC and Volkswagen

The benefits that our partnership with AIESEC will offer you 

As an AIESEC intern, you will

  • earn the full minimum wage
  • receive paid holiday (the number of days will be based on the length of your internship).

You will also receive the following support as an AIESEC intern:

  • Work permit / visa

    If you come from a non-EU country and want to work as an intern at Volkswagen, AIESEC will apply for a work permit on your behalf and help you to obtain the appropriate visa.

  • Search for a flat

    AIESEC will help you to look for a flat even before you arrive in Germany. This assistance will enable you to travel to Germany worry-free and start your internship.

  • Personal buddy

    You will have an AIESEC buddy from Volkswagen while you work here. Your buddy can answer questions, solve problems, assist you during your first days in the country, help you to get your feet on the ground and quickly set up your own network. Your AIESEC buddy will also be your contact for all questions related to your work at Volkswagen and can provide you with valuable tips about the best ways to get to know your new city and region. After all, this is what an international internship is about, too.

  • "Fireside chats"

    The "fireside chats" (German: Kaminabende) that we regularly organise are the perfect place to meet other interns and employees, network and converse. Brief talks about issues of the future will provide interesting insights into a wide range of company departments and projects at Volkswagen – and, of course, we will have plenty of delicious food and beverages on hand as well.

Vortrag auf einem Kaminabend bei Volkswagen Ntzfahrzeuge
"Kaminabend" at Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge in Hannover

Locations: You can work as an AIESEC intern here 

We offer the internship in cooperation with AIESEC at our company sites in Wolfsburg, Hannover, Kassel, Emden, Braunschweig and Salzgitter.

Sounds good?

Apply now

You can apply for an internship awarded as part of the partnership between AIESEC and Volkswagen directly on the AIESEC website. You will find the latest listings here as well as the types of qualifications you should ideally have.

Please note:

If you come from Germany, you may not apply for an AIESEC internship. Please apply for a traditional internship for students

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