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Apply now for exciting jobs in the field of Autonomous Driving


Driving Future Mobility

At Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles the future of Autonomous Driving has already begun. We are creating sustainable transport and mobility concepts that are safer, more efficient and more comfortable. Our products and services will not only offer solutions to the key mobility questions of today, but also permanently benefit the society of tomorrow. Our mission: Bringing Autonomous Driving on the road until 2025.

We're writing a lot of code here. But most of all, we're writing history.
Sebastian Lasek
Head of Vehicle & Systems in MaaS/TaaS at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Your Future Is Our Next Destination

Are you ready to join us on our journey towards the future of mobility? At Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, we are looking for visionaries who are not afraid to ask the big questions and create even bigger solutions. Pioneers with a hands-on approach who see an opportunity instead of obstacles. Makers, creators and dreamers – just like you. Follow your drive and join the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles team now.


Let's put drive to work!

Thomas is living and breathing the drive to bring autonomous driving on the road. He is with the autonomous driving team at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles because of the opportunity to work on the forefront of technology.

Not often in the history of mobility there is the chance to work on a completely new product. But to really move forward into the world of tomorrow, you have to answer questions that may not even be asked yet.

For Thomas, all the change that is going on is also a chance:

„Imagine calling an autonomous shuttle a few years from now, getting in there and driving where I wanna go without a human driver and knowing that I participated in bringing this to life that really brings me joy!“

If you’re waiting for the next big thing, this is your call!
Thomas Rösner
Executive Assistant to the Head of Autonomous Driving at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

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