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Classic internship

Theory meets practice. And exciting projects and nice people.

Classic internship

Theory meets practice. And exciting projects and nice people.

You can complete an internship at Volkswagen in a range of different areas and gain valuable experience. We offer both voluntary internships and mandatory internships, all of course with intensive specialist support, a salary and holiday leave.


Briefly noted


Briefly noted

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Target group: Students in/between an active university or technical college degree
We offer internships in:
Wolfsburg, Hanover, Berlin, Munich, Kassel, Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Dresden and Emden
Business areas:
You can do your internship with us in virtually all areas of the company
Application period: all year round
Start: all year round
Duration: 2 until 6+ months
I was able to gain a range of intercultural experiences during the internship.
Intern in Volkswagen Brand Pilot Hall

What you can expect:
An internship with all the extras

An internship with Volkswagen allows you to get to know Europe’s largest automotive company, work in exciting areas of the company and have responsibility in projects. And you will be part of a large team, which already has its sights fixed on the mobility of the future.

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    Whether you are undertaking a voluntary or mandatory internship or writing your dissertation, we pay everyone the full statutory minimum wage. That goes without saying. But we also do so in a spirit of fairness. Even if it is only for the foreseeable future for now.

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    Holiday leave

    Interns at Volkswagen naturally receive paid holidays – just like all other employees. The number of days is calculated on the basis of the duration of your internship and legal regulations. Your personal contact from the intern support team will also help you with these queries.

But we offer you even more, including:

  • Excellent support by the department and the internship team
  • Employee rates when purchasing a Volkswagen
  • Help finding accommodation (depending on site)
  • An exclusive tour of the factory
  • The option to take part in interview training (depending on available places)
  • A regular social event for interns to share their experiences and to network

Accommodations during your internship

(only in Wolfsburg at the moment)

SF rooms through Volkswagen Immobilien

Do you need a place to stay during your internship? How about a room in a shared flat? A SF room is perfect if you want to quickly get to know new people and the city of Wolfsburg. Of course, a SF room needs to have a flexible lease as well as be low priced and easy to rent. After all, you will need it only during your internship. This is exactly why Volkswagen Immobilien offers such SF rooms to you (only in Wolfsburg at the moment).
You can learn more on the website of Volkswagen Immobilien.

Sounds good?
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