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Welcome to Braunschweig.

The "chassis factory" in the Lion city of Braunschweig is one of the world's leading manufacturers of chassis components.

Prepare to be amazed.

By the very beautiful city of Braunschweig.

The city.

The first time you visit Braunschweig you cannot fail to be amazed by how beautiful it is. The Burgplatz (Castle Square) and its cathedral, the Dankwarderode Castle, the State Museum and century-old half-timbered buildings form the picturesque historic heart of the city. Beautiful green spaces in the city centre, the Oker river, the Botanical Gardens and extensive green areas in the vicinity are ideal for rest and relaxation. Enjoy also the many museums, including the renowned Herzog Anton-Ulrich Museum dating back to 1754, theatres, cinemas, galleries, live concerts or the countless shopping options.

The Harz Mountains and Heath are within easy reach for extended day excursions – likewise Wolfsburg or also Hanover.

Braunschweig is incidentally also the city of science. In 1745, the first technical university in Germany was founded in Braunschweig. Today more than 16,000 young people study in the Lion City, 14,400 of whom in technical disciplines. Intensive research is carried out at 27 distinguished institutions.

Where we work.

An overview of our plant in Braunschweig.


The Braunschweig plant.

In 1938, the very first Volkswagen AG plant was set up in Braunschweig as a satellite plant for the subsequent main plant in Wolfsburg and was used for training the later employees.

Today Volkswagen Braunschweig stands for highly developed technical know-how and is one of the world's leading and largest manufacturers of chassis components. Braunschweig is home to the world's largest coherent axle production. Around 7,000 people work for Volkswagen in Braunschweig. The plant is an important chassis supplier for vehicle manufacturing plants throughout the entire Volkswagen Group. It works in a variety of areas, from development stages all the way up to final assembly. The latest future projects include modern steering systems and battery systems.

Or to put it another way: parts from Braunschweig are installed in virtually all of the Group's vehicles.


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