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Online application

All the important details you need for your online application

Find out here how to apply online, which documents you may need and what the online test entails.

First step: Find a suitable position

All of the advertised jobs, internships etc. can be found in our job portal. Choose the one that interests you and check out the description of the advertised position to see what it involves and what you need to apply. Everything in order? Then simply click “Apply now!”

If you have not yet found something suitable, just call up the job agent within our job portal, which will inform you about new job offerings.

Have you found the right position?

Then simply apply. And that's how it works.

You can complete your application to us in just five steps. What you need first of all is an applicant profile. You can enter your personal details and qualifications in the profile and also upload documents, view current applications and manage your job agent. Without any hassle. And regardless of where you are right now.

Give your data a profile

First of all we need your contact details so we can reach you. We recommend you create your applicant profile straight away and include your personal details and qualifications. You can of course edit or delete the profile with your details at any time.

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Share your experience and expertise

Do you already have work experience under your belt? Do you have a master’s degree in engineering, speak fluent Spanish or Klingon? Then tell us, because the second step in your application focuses on your strengths and qualifications. Incidentally this also includes your first language – so tell us that too.

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Upload your documents

The third step involves uploading your certificates, your CV or even the entire application package straight away. You can also include a cover letter – either as a document or using the appropriate text box. Incidentally, there is also an option on your profile page to add your documents subsequently or replace previously uploaded versions. What’s really handy here is that the new documents will then be used automatically for all your applications.

Find out here which application documents we need from you:

If you are under 18 please also upload the consent form
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Is there anything else?

Depending on the advertised position, you can add further details in the final step, for example in relation to your current grade average. If you are applying for a vocational training position, this step is automatically omitted.

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Application: Check

Success! Your online application is ready. You can check all the information provided and documents uploaded once more in the final step. However, if you would like to make some changes, simply click the relevant step. You can also save your application as a draft and continue it later. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive confirmation of receipt within a few minutes.

We conduct an online test when you apply for a training position or for StartUp Direct or StartUp Cross. You will find everything you need to know in this regard here.

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Help and support 

We answer your questions

We answer your questions

Do you have any questions about the online application or a technical problem with the application tool? Here you get answers :-)

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