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Welcome to Salzgitter.

Reliable, innovative and fast engines – the trademarks of Volkswagen's plant in Salzgitter.

A curious city, some may think.

But only at first glance.

The city.

When you visit Salzgitter for the first time, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is more of a collection of small districts than an actual city. And that is also true. That's because Salzgitter is a collection of several municipalities, the second largest of which, namely Salzgitter Bad, gives the city its name. Salzgitter is thus above all one thing: rural, very green and idyllic. Between the different individual districts, you will find fields, forests, lakes and streams. Perfect for all sports enthusiasts, regardless of whether on land or water. The walking trails in the Salzgitter Hills alone are a good 150 kilometres long. This is in addition to the 120 kilometres of cycling tracks. And if this is not enough nature, you will also find hiking, cycling, tobogganing or skiing on your doorstep thanks to the nearby heath.

But Salzgitter also offers a lot more. Every district has its own unique charm. The old Wasserburg Gebhardshagen, Salder Castle dating back to the Renaissance period, or Ringelheim Castle and Park are a haven for walking and exploring, likewise the old Kniestedter Manor in the Rose Garden in Salzgitter-Bad. Or maybe you would prefer to go shopping in the small but beautiful old town of Salzgitter Bad and take in the weekly market, for example, or enjoy the numerous leisure activities or relax in the thermal salt-water baths, which were documented for the first time in 1125.

Where we work.

An overview of our plant in Salzgitter.


The Salzgitter plant.

The Salzgitter plant has been an important cog in the Volkswagen machine since it was founded in 1970. What one might call the drive.

The Volkswagen factory in Salzgitter is built across an area of 2,800,000 square metres, with buildings covering about 897,000 square meters. Around 900 suppliers provide the Salzgitter plant with parts for engine and component production. About 250 trucks and 40 railcars arrive at and leave the plant each day.

Some 7,000 gasoline and diesel engines of more than 200 different types, ranging from 3-cylinder to 16-cylinder versions, are produced each day at the Salzgitter plant. Since the plant was founded in 1970, in excess of 56 million engines have been produced here; some 1.59 million engines were produced in 2016. These engines are used in many different Volkswagen Group models, including Volkswagen's Golf and Tiguan models as well as Volkswagen's Crafter and T6 commercial vehicles. Audi A3, ŠKODA Yeti, SEAT Ibiza and Bugatti Chiron are likewise equipped with engines produced in Salzgitter.  In addition, the Salzgitter plant produces engine components for use at other sites.

As part of the "pact for the future", the plant is gradually expanding its expertise at present for developing and producing battery cells and modules.


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