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Human Resources.

We are the talent casting department at Volkswagen. And you are the star.

Talent is always in demand. Whether you are an entrant or an experienced professional. We offer jobs with prospects, because we don't just take on employees, we also advise, mentor and develop them.

General information.

For us, the hallmarks of a top employer include modern employment policies, good prospects, fair payment and personalised, individual support. Our Human Resources team is always there for our employees, ready to advise and mentor.

Working in Human Resources.

Innovative employment models, attractive perspectives, performance-oriented pay and personal, individual support – these are the characteristics of a top employer.

Working in Personnel at Volkswagen means: utilising the knowledge and experience, strength and motivation of employees in such a way that the potential of every individual can develop to the full. Volkswagen needs a first-class team, characterised by dedication, expertise and fitness. We in Volkswagen HR therefore regard two things as our main tasks.

We provide excellent support, which makes Volkswagen stand out from the competition as an employer, and which strengthens the loyalty of employees to the company and motivates them to give their best on behalf of Volkswagen. And we implement modern, competitive personnel concepts that help to secure jobs at the Volkswagen locations and make Volkswagen the most successful and most attractive employer. Personnel is more than a recruitment and administration service:

It makes a vital contribution towards value creation and to the success of the company and offers employees a fulfilling and successful career at Volkswagen.


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