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Research and Development.

We combine science and fiction.

Helping to shape the future


Helping to shape the future is an exciting and inspiring task.

We don't wait to see what the future holds. We develop it ourselves. With imagination, creativity, expertise – and success.

Our cars are becoming increasingly safer, more efficient and smarter. They communicate with the driver, connect with their environment, drive purely electrically and soon automatically too. They are therefore more than just a means of transport, rather also living spaces. They are designed and developed by people with imagination, creativity and expertise. People who know what's at stake – that is, the future of mobility. Helping to shape this is an extremely exciting task, since it involves turning science fiction into reality.

Distributed over a total area of 1.2 square kilometres, the Research and Development division in Wolfsburg is one of the largest automobile innovation centres in the world. This is where more than 10,000 highly qualified employees develop the Volkswagen models and imbue them with emotional charisma marked by technical perfection.

The development centre in Wolfsburg is the innovation hub, the think tank, the nerve centre of a global development network, and also where alternative drive concepts, forward-looking assistance systems and the digital networking of the vehicle are driven forward.


Working in Group research.

The future of the automobile is characterised especially by trends andsocietal conditions. Volkswagen Group research makes it its mission to anticipate and understand the future needs of our customers and to translate these into innovative technologies. Its aim is to ensure that our customers' present and future requirements in terms of individual and affordable mobility can be fulfilled by means of sustainable technologies. We work closely with our partners to achieve these objectives.

Group research is based in Wolfsburg, and is in charge of R&D for all Group brands. International trend and technology scouting is carried out with research institutions in the framework of strategic alignment – in markets such as the U.S., Japan and China among others.

Working in development.

Modern technologies and facilities, such as a variety of different test beds, climatic wind tunnels, visualisation centres and two proving grounds, are on hand to provide support in the concept phase, design, construction and testing of Volkswagen future models. A core aspect in this regard is the E-Campus, where Volkswagen bundles its expertise in the area of electrical systems and electronics.

The topics are exciting and forward-looking. The teams work together in a spirit of cooperation and professionalism – with one another and with other corporate divisions.


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