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Hi, my name is Rouven and I am completing my vocational training at Volkswagen as a chef. I simply love making guests happy with good food. But that involves more than “just” being able to cook well. I am also learning how to be an artist and manager as part of my training. I work in a team creating meals and coordinating workflows and resources. 

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Training at a glance


We offer this training in: 

  • Wolfsburg

Application deadline

You can apply between 1 July 2020 and 31 October 2020 for vocational training or a work-study degree programme starting in September 2021. We wish you the best of luck!

Start date and duration

Your training commences on 1 September 2021 and will take around three years. 

In special cares and in recognition of especially good training performance, you may be able to complete your training ahead of schedule. This relates especially to your performance in the vocational college and in the company, but also to personal development and commitment to the training.


You will receive top-class vocational training from us and a top-class salary too. Your monthly remuneration is based on your year of training:

  • Year 1: EUR 1,068
  • Year 2: EUR 1,105
  • Year 3: EUR 1,219
  • Year 4: EUR 1,293

We offer this training in: 

  • Wolfsburg

What is the apprenticeship all about?

As a chef you will discover that there is a lot more behind the art of preparing and serving meals than washing, cutting and cooking food. You will learn how to calculate prices, organise shopping, arrange courses, coordinate workflows and staff deployment and much more. In addition, you can be quite creative as a chef and create new decoration and preparation methods or even new dishes, courses and menus.

Your development opportunities

On completion of your vocational training as a chef, you can of course further your professional development in the subsequent years of your career. These exciting opportunities are open to you:

  • Head chef
  • Diet chef
  • Technician specialising in food processing
  • Hotel management school “International Workplace”

Am I the right person for this?

This could be the perfect profession for you if this sounds like you:

  • You have always preferred to cook for yourself.
  • You get a sense of pleasure when your guests ask for second helpings.
  • You like to experiment with different ingredients.
  • You like to go to markets and recipe ideas are constantly whirring around your head.
  • You can manage your available cash efficiently when shopping.

Incidentally: Our apprenticeships are open to everyone, regardless of gender.


What you need
Manual dexterity and creativity, proper handling of foodstuffs and appliances, interest in nutritional physiology and commercial skills.

Language skills
You should have good knowledge of German.

School leaving results
We recommend you have at least a good secondary school leaving certificate.
Have you not yet taken your final exams?

Important note: We only offer initial vocational training. If you have already completed vocational training or if you have professional experience, we unfortunately cannot offer you vocational training at Volkswagen.

Training contents

We are known for our excellent vocational training. Find out here exactly what you can expect from us. Please note that changes to the procedure may be made at short notice.

Focal points in year 1

You will learn the following in your first year of training with us:

  • Storing and checking foodstuffs in accordance with legal requirements, hygiene regulations when cleaning and maintaining rooms and appliances
  • Assembling food and beverage menus; preparing and cooking simple dishes and beverages based on the fundamentals of dietetics
  • Using and maintaining utensils and everyday objects
  • Handling kitchen organisation systems
  • Foreign-language technical terms
Focal points in years 2 to 3

You will learn the following in the second part of your vocational training:

  • Putting courses together with due regard for professional rules and dietetics
  • Preparing and cooking different foodstuffs in the different kitchen work areas (soups, starters, vegetables and side dishes, roasts, desserts)
  • Organisation and principles of shopping and storage
  • Creating menus with due regard for pricing

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Or would you prefer something different?

You can apply for up to three apprenticeships at the same time. These alternatives may also be of interest to you:

Any other questions? Call the trainee hotline.

Would you like some information about training at Volkswagen? Just give us a call.

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