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Doctorate programme.

You play in the premier league. Then get the title too.

As a PhD student, you will enhance the innovative strength of the company with the latest academic findings, which you can also share and apply. This will enable you to develop and nurture expertise, both for yourself and your colleagues. Knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm – you have what it takes to undertake a dissertation in collaboration with your university. The aim of the Volkswagen doctorate programme is to scientifically elaborate future issues of relevance for the company and to give you the fantastic opportunity to complete your PhD in the best possible setting in collaboration with your university.

At a glance.

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The details.


To apply at Volkswagen for a doctorate position, you need to have completed a university degree at masters or diploma level before you start working with us. A PhD at bachelor level is unfortunately not possible. You do not need to have a doctoral supervisor in place to apply. However, it is recommended to have had initial discussions with potential doctoral supervisors concerning your fundamental doctoral project.

Your university and Volkswagen: A strong team.

You complete your doctorate in the classic way at your university. Responsibility for ensuring compliance with the PhD regulations and for your acceptance as a doctoral candidate lies solely with your university. We at Volkswagen will support you in practice as a reliable partner in the framework of our three-year doctorate programme.

Identifying a topic and doctoral supervisor.

Broadly speaking, the topic of your PhD is determined by the job vacancy. We work with you and your doctoral supervisor to adjust and customise the topic. You must have a doctoral supervisor in place at the latest prior to starting your PhD.

Our top priority.

Your success.

We create the right conditions for you to help you fulfil your goals.


Programme content.

Volkswagen offers a comprehensive PhD programme in conjunction with the AutoUni, the VW Group’s institute of higher education. The programme includes:

  • Seminars on academic texts (for example, how to write a doctoral thesis)
  • Seminars on interdisciplinary training
  • Use of a private room for doctoral students with a clean desk policy and the facility to access a large number of e-journals and computer programs including SPSS and Atlas.ti
  • Participation in a doctoral colloquium on the exchange of academic information with representatives from the teaching profession and other PhD students from the Volkswagen Group
  • An option to publish your thesis in the AutoUni’s series of academic journals


Duration and mentoring.

The Volkswagen PhD programme lasts three years for all candidates. To help you complete your doctoral thesis successfully, a supervisor from your department is on hand to provide assistance with any general questions as well as specific issues related to the content of your thesis. The Volkswagen AutoUni provides support in the form of interdisciplinary seminars, courses on writing academic texts, and methodology.

Working hours.

You should aim to complete your doctoral thesis at your university within three years to at least the initial version stage while still gaining work experience. We clearly stipulate that 51% of your working hours should be devoted to your PhD. You should discuss whether this applies to the working day or the working week with your department.

If you occasionally have to work on your thesis outside of the factory, for example in a library or at the university, this may be possible by prior arrangement.


Remuneration and holidays.

You will receive an attractive monthly salary for your doctorate at Volkswagen. The salary depends on which year of your PhD you are completing with us. As a PhD student you also participate in the annual profit-sharing and have the opportunity to purchase or lease a Volkswagen at exclusive employee rates As a PhD student at Volkswagen, you are entitled to 30 days of holiday per year.

Other programmes.

In addition to the option of writing your dissertation with us, we also offer the StartUp Cross and StartUp Direct programmes.

The inside story.

Who could be better qualified to provide a clear and credible report about a doctorate at Volkswagen than a PhD student at Volkswagen? It's obvious, don't you think?

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