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Welcome to Kassel.

The plant for components and genuine parts.

Are you familiar with Kassel?

If not, then you have really missed out.

The city.

Perhaps you are only familiar with Kassel from the Wilhelmshöhe railway station or the motorway through the Kassel mountains? Then you have really missed out a lot. The city is not only a transport hub, commercial centre and university town, rather with its countless museums and galleries Kassel is primarily also a European centre for art and culture – and a great city to live in.

For example, Kassel hosts "documenta" every five years, the world's most important exhibition of contemporary art. The cityscape changes at this time to a unique large colourful art gallery. The impressively designed Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park, where the well-known water games are regularly held, is unique worldwide and a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013. The mountain park is also home to Kassel's famous landmark: the giant statue of Hercules, which can be seen from afar. The vast fairytale forests of the Kurhessische Bergland are a haven for walkers and hikers while the cycle tracks along the Fulda, Werra, Weser and Eder rivers are wonderful for cycling. The fairy tales of the brothers Grimm, who once upon a time collected and recorded their famous fairy tales in Kassel, are everywhere to be found.

With just under 200,000 inhabitants, Kassel also offers all of the advantages of a city, such as countless shopping and leisure activities.

Where we work.

An overview of our plant in Kassel.


The Kassel plant.

The Kassel plant at Baunatal has been part of Volkswagen since 1958. The plant is now the second largest Volkswagen plant in Germany after Wolfsburg.

With currently around 16,500 employees, the Kassel plant in the neighbouring town of Baunatal is the largest employer in the North Hesse region. More than four million manual and automatic transmissions are produced here every year. This corresponds to around half of all gearboxes required by the Group worldwide, including the environmentally-friendly dual clutch gearboxes, which provide a special driving experience without any interruption to the power delivery.

Kassel is also where e-engine and hybrid transmissions are manufactured.

It houses Europe's biggest light metal foundry, where housing parts are made from aluminium and magnesium. Furthermore, the Kassel plant reconditions old engines and gearboxes, and produces body parts for the Passat and platform parts for the Golf and Polo.

Distribution of genuine parts is also an important area of activity. Group vehicles all over the world are supplied with genuine parts from the Genuine Parts Centre to ensure the mobility of our customers.


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