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It doesn't hurt to ask. On the contrary, we appreciate your interest and are happy to answer your questions. If you cannot find your particular question in the Questions & Answers (FAQ), feel free to contact us directly.

Internship and dissertation.

Fragen zu Praktikum und Abschlussarbeit.

Please send us your complete application documents via the online application system three to six months before the date you would like to start the internship. In the covering letter you should clearly outline the motivation underlying your application as well as your expectations (time and duration of the internship, department, work topic if applicable, relevance to Volkswagen). Please attach a full CV in tabular form, a photo and copies of relevant certificates and references (school-leaving certificates, vocational training, internships and - if relevant - preliminary degree).

Yes, it is possible to do an internship as part of a bachelor degree programme until you have acquired 89 credit points, and internships prior to the intermediate examination.

Yes. As a global player, Volkswagen has a worldwide presence. It would naturally be ideal if you have already completed an internship at Volkswagen in Germany and so have already become acquainted with the world of Volkswagen. If this is the case, our companies abroad will give you preferential treatment. You may, of course, apply directly to the foreign location of your choice for an internship abroad, in English or in the national language of the country concerned. Further information, including the conditions that apply to internships at our companies abroad, can be found here:

Please send your complete application documents three to six months prior to your desired starting date via the online application system, if this is possible for the position advertised. You can find out about current topics for dissertations and research projects in our job portal and – quoting the vacancy reference number stated there – apply for individual topics.

If your application is successful, the personnel department will be happy to send you on request a detailed list of rooms and apartments available for students in the various regions. At the Wolfsburg plant, Volkswagen Immobilien will also help you to find furnished apartments or rooms in house/flat shares.

Apprentices and dual study programme.

General questions.

Yes, every applicant may apply for three apprenticeships and additionally for three integrated degree and traineeships.

Applications for other applicant groups, e.g. internships, can additionally be submitted with no restriction. Within the applicant group for apprenticeships and integrated degree and traineeships, the applicant may apply to three different locations/for three different career combinations. This means he/she can decide, for example, whether to apply for three different occupations at the same location or the same occupation each time but at different locations. The option of applying for two different occupations at one location plus another occupation at a different location is also possible, of course. The only condition is that the number of applications overall should not exceed three per applicant group (apprenticeship/integrated degree and traineeship).

Regardless of the number of applications, the online test can/may only be completed once. Please use only one e-mail address when applying.

No. Applications are processed in the order they are received. You therefore set the priorities when you write your applications. The application written first will be processed first, followed by any second application and finally any third application.

For legal reasons, not all information is classified by us as mandatory data. But please remember: the more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to build up a picture of you.

Yes, almost all of the saved data is automatically available for a new online application.But please do not quote a different e-mail address when writing an additional application.

Yes. You will receive confirmation as soon as the data has entered the system.

If you request communication by e-mail, you will receive the confirmation by return. If you have stated that you prefer communication by post, you will receive confirmation of receipt no later than 2-3 working days after submitting your application. If you have written several applications, please note that initially only your first application will be processed.

It is essential to attach the three most recent reports from your general school as well as a CV. Applicants who are attending sixth form or a college of further education should also attach - if available - the latest report from that school/college. Please note that applications that do not have all the required reports as attachments will not be processed.

The total size of all uploaded files must not exceed 5 MB.

As a high school graduate/A-level student, please enter your grades according to a rating scale. Example: top grade = excellent, followed by very good and so on.

If the number of days absent is noted on your report, enter these in the relevant box. Do not enter the number of missed lessons.

Details such as name, address, telephone number, password or e-mail address can be subsequently changed in an application you have already submitted. To do so, log into your applicant cockpit. After logging in, you can amend the details you have entered or add other information under the "My profile" tab.

You can also withdraw your application via the applicant cockpit. To withdraw an application, simply click on the "Withdraw" button next to the job title that is no longer of interest, under the "My applications" section.

You can exit the application assistant at any time and complete and submit the application at a later stage.

If you have not yet submitted your application, you can retrieve and complete it at any time via the applicant cockpit. Log into the applicant cockpit with your user data, then look for the job title for the application you wish to complete in the "My applications" section. Next to the job title you will find a button labelled "Edit". Click this button to access the application forms.

When you apply you can state whether you would generally prefer to receive messages from us by post or e-mail. If you prefer communication by post you will receive confirmation of receipt 2-3 working days after submitting your application and 2-3 working days after that, an invitation to take part in the online test. With the e-mail option, you will first receive the confirmation of receipt around 24 hours after submitting your application, followed by the invitation to the online test 1-2 working days later.

Please click on "Passwort zurücksetzen" (or follow the link) and wait 5 – 10 minutes. Within this period, a new password will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided. You can then continue with your application using the new password.

This procedure enables us to protect your personal details. It is intended to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing your data. This protective action can be particularly important if you do not complete your application at home, but on a PC at school or in an internet café. Consequently, to avoid being disconnected you must save your data regularly. The system always saves the input automatically if you move from one menu item (e.g. personal data) to the next (e.g. school/training/studies).

Protection of your personal details is very important to us. By using the system you provide Volkswagen AG with your personal data and information. We will process and use your data in our online application system solely for the purpose of ensuring that the application procedure operates correctly and effectively. Your data will not be passed on to third parties without your express consent. Further information can be found in the general customer-oriented privacy policy under "Legal information" at the bottom of every page of this website.

Vacancies at Volkswagen dealerships can be found in the Volkswagen dealer job portal at www.volkswagen-autohaus-karriere.de. As an applicant, you can look through vacancies or post an anonymous job search.

Online test.

(Apprentices and dual study programme.)

In order for us to get to know them better, all applicants receive an invitation to complete an online aptitude test after they have submitted their first online application. The test takes about 30 - 45 minutes and can be carried out on any computer with an internet connection. The password that is sent with the invitation is valid for 3 weeks. You will receive it by e-mail around 24 hours after submitting your application; if you prefer communication by post, no later than 5-6 working days after sending your application. For reasons of fairness to other candidates, online tests once started cannot be retaken. Please therefore ensure that you will not be disturbed during the online test. Please note that each applicant may only take the test once. This also applies if, for any reason, you receive another invitation to take an online test. If in doubt, please contact the application hotline.

In isolated cases, particularly if you have requested communication by post, delivery of your invitation could take longer. If you have not received an invitation for the online test within 10 working days of sending your first application, please contact the application hotline on (+49) 5361-9-46470.

The internet connection may have failed. Make sure that you have an internet connection by calling up a random website in a new window. If you are connected to the internet, reload the test by pressing the "F5" key. If this has no effect, close the window and log off. Log in again using your access data and restart the test.

If the problem persists, check whether you have installed a suitable browser. You will find precise details on the required browsers under the "Help" menu item. There you will also be able to download the required software to your computer.

Scroll down the start page. Click on the "Start now" button - the test opens in a new window. If no window opens after you click the "Start now" button, disable the pop-up blocker in your browser (this is only necessary in exceptional cases, however).

Ensure that you have a connection to the internet. If you manually entered the link for the test in your browser, check whether you have made any typing errors. To display the page you will also need a browser. You will find precise details on the required browsers under the "Help" menu item. There you will also be able to download the required software to your computer.

StartUp and doctorate.

Questions on StartUp and doctorate at Volkswagen.

Please apply for the direct entry scheme and for the StartUp trainee programme three to six months prior to your desired starting date at the location of your choice. Please send us your complete application documents via the online application system, if this is possible for the position advertised.

You can apply for the StartUp Cross trainee programme at any time. Generally, it is possible to start on the 1st or 16th of any month.

The StartUp Cross trainee programme is aimed at university graduates who have completed their course within a short period with above average results. They should also have already demonstrated their initiative, mobility and flexibility through studying or completing internships abroad (at least six consecutive months). Other requirements include challenging internships and other practical experience, language skills, extracurricular activities, motivation and enthusiasm, team spirit, excellent social skills and a desire to take on responsibility.

As a direct entry candidate (degree in engineering or economics with above average grades), you have acquired a thorough knowledge of your specialist field during your studies or you possess the expertise required of a specialist in this field. We welcome the experience and knowledge you have acquired during your studies, in the course of your work or during a period abroad. Ideally, you have already gained an insight into the world of Volkswagen e.g. during an internship. This will make direct entry easier for you and you will be able to make full use of your skills immediately. We expect you to be proficient in at least one foreign language, that you have completed your studies within an acceptable period with excellent results and that you have team spirit and social skills.

Please send us your complete application documents with your proposed topic around six months prior to your desired starting date via the online application system, if this is possible for the position advertised. You can find out about currently available PhD topics in our job portal and apply under the vacancy reference number stated there. Please arrange for a PhD adviser to support you in your work in advance. The personnel department and specialist departments will then decide whether to accept your application.

Speculative application.

Questions on speculative application.

You can use the job portal to find out about current vacancies at Volkswagen but you can also send Volkswagen a speculative application. In this case, please describe your area of interest in as much detail as possible in your application. The same applies to permanent positions as well as internships and dissertations/student research work.

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