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Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

We offer a number of opportunities to company employees who would like to advance their career within the Volkswagen Group. So let's be quite specific: here you can find out all about your various options as a pay scale employee at Volkswagen.



In order to join Volkswagen as an experienced employee you should already have three years’ professional experience. You will find all other requirements in the descriptions of the positions listed in our job exchange.

If you want to get into management you will need several years’ professional and/or management experience. As well as being highly professional in your specific field, you should possess strong internal motivation, convincing social skills and a high level of commitment. You will also need entrepreneurial skills and experience of managing both people and complex projects.


Compensation and benefits.

The Volkswagen remuneration system is based on our company collective agreement, which offers a relatively attractive basic salary. The individual amount ultimately depends on the job you do based on your knowledge and experience. It increases continuously as you take on more demanding tasks and responsibilities. In addition, you will receive payments under the profit-sharing scheme. This scheme allows the Volkswagen team to share in the success of the company, according to the previous two financial years.

Social benefits and other privileges:
The salary package is rounded off by a comprehensive range of social benefits and other privileges such as the opportunity to purchase a Group car on preferential terms.


Flexible and mobile working.


Advanced vocational training.

We offer all Volkswagen employees new professional and personal perspectives thanks to our range of training and advisory services. The Volkswagen Group Academy develops concepts for staff development and implements them together with the corporate divisions.


Working abroad.

Venture out into the world.

And what's more...

  • We support you in protecting your standard of living in retirement with an occupational pension scheme.

    Company pension scheme.

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  • Your health and fitness are important to us.

    Volkswagen Checkup.

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  • Build up a credit so you can reduce the length of your working life.

    Zeit-Wertpapier (Time asset bond).

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  • We can help you to find a place to live and support you when buying or building a property.

    Building and housing.

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  • We design development paths for pay scale specialist and managerial staff.

    Staff development.

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The inside story.

Who could be better qualified to provide a clear and credible report about vocational training at Volkswagen than a vocational trainee at Volkswagen? It's obvious, don't you think?


Apply now.

If you’re a professional we don’t need to explain in tedious detail how to apply. So let’s cut it short.

We offer a wide range of job opportunities. Which areas of our business interest you most? Take a look at the job descriptions in our job exchange and find out more about the relevant details and requirements. If you find a position that interests you, you can easily apply for it online. That is the most efficient way to your new job!

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