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International internship.

See the world and enrich your personal career path.

Broaden your horizons. Professionally also. Volkswagen offers you a wealth of opportunities. But before you start, you will need some initial information.

At a glance.

You can complete your international internship at a number of locations. The list is updated regularly with new locations being added all the time. Click the locations for more information about the respective internship offer.

International internships are offered by the respective Volkswagen companies. Applications, contracts, remuneration and support are all handled by them. You will find your relevant contact on the pages of the location in question.

International internships are paid monthly by the respective companies. Information on the level of remuneration and a guideline for the monthly costs locally (housing, transport, food) can be found on the following pages of the location in question.

Your journey.

Where will it take you?

Which of the international Volkswagen locations attract you the most, you have to decide.


No need to travel too far…


Across the pond.


Off to the Far East.

The inside story.

Who could be better qualified to provide a clear and credible report about an international internship at Volkswagen than an intern at Volkswagen? It's obvious, don't you think?

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