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Welcome to Emden.

Our location on the coast: production plant and transshipment point for international maritime transport.

Would you like to work where others like to holiday?

Then Emden is the place for you!

The city.

Emden is a city for all those who love maritime flair. The city in the north-west of East Frisia is located directly at the mouth of the Ems in the North Sea. With a population of around 50,000, Emden is the smallest of the Volkswagen sites, but then size is not everything as is well known. It is the tranquillity and calm that make Emden an ideal place to live for many. Stroll along the Delft canal, for example, and marvel at the ships, such as the traditional lightship for example, or visit the Ostfriesisches Landesmuseum (East Frisian Regional Museum) or the Kunsthalle (museum of modern art) – founded back in the day by Henry Nannen. Emden also offers countless leisure activities as well as festivals and events, including the Emden Film Festival, Matjes Festival, Delft Festival and the Dragon Boat races.

The city's convenient location directly at the North Sea is naturally also a haven for endless walks by the water – as well as numerous sporting activities. Or maybe you would like to take the ferry to the island of Borkum or explore the picturesque Emsland.

To put it simply: Emden is a wonderful place to live.

Where we work.

An overview of our plant in Emden.


The Emden plant.

The plant in Emden has been an important cog in the Volkswagen machine since 1964. It is the birthplace of the Passat in 1978 and our gate to the wide world.

The Volkswagen plant in Emden is located directly at the Dollart and at the mouth of the Ems river. Around 8,800 of our employees work here. The Volkswagen Passat Saloon, Variant, Alltrack and GTE models are manufactured in Emden - up to 1,250 vehicles are produced every day. Since it was founded in 1964, the plant in Emden has produced more than 11.4 million vehicles. With more than 18 million units of the Passat built overall, this is one of the truly great successes in automotive history. The Volkswagen Arteon has been part of the plant's product portfolio since 2017.

Moreover, the port of Emden is one of the central hubs for importing and exporting new vehicles for the Volkswagen Group, in both overseas and European traffic. The port of Emden is the third largest automobile transshipment port in Europe. Virtually all brands of the Volkswagen Group from European and overseas locations are handled here. In terms of figures, this translates to 900 ships, 170,000 railcars and 30,000 trucks, which arrive at the mouth of the Ems river every year to deliver or collect cars. Around 6,000 new vehicles pass through the site and port every working day. This amounts therefore to more than 1.4 million vehicles per year that are imported and exported.


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