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We procure all the essentials. But at a reasonable price.

At Volkswagen we ensure optimum supply of production materials, operating resources, services and capital equipment right around the globe. And at the best value for money.

General information.

Procurement at Volkswagen is responsible for the worldwide acquisition of all of the components, raw materials and assemblies required to manufacture a vehicle. Furthermore, it supplies the plants with operating resources, services and capital equipment. In a spirit of partnership with its contractors, it ensures the best price/performance ratio worldwide.


Low costs. High customer value.

Around 6,000 people work in the area of procurement globally. The procurement process is standardised across the various Group brands and operates in close coordination with other divisions in the company. We combine the requirements of the Group in order to gain worldwide access to the latest technologies and find the best contractors in a transparent market. An important prerequisite in this regard is the structured division into different procurement areas as well as close coordination and networking with other departments.

Working in Procurement.

New Product Startups.

In the New Product Startups unit, we work on the latest and sometimes still classified vehicle projects. In addition to global investment planning of new vehicle projects, we also ensure start-up protection in this area from a deadline and status perspective. Starting with forward sourcing of new parts to project procurement and project control, we accompany a vehicle throughout the entire product development process based on our purchased parts management.

We are responsible for supplying the plants under the Volkswagen brand with operating resources, services and capital equipment. Moreover, we support our colleagues from the Group Companies in conducting negotiations and awarding contracts. All employees in our procurement unit analyse all offers and decide on the awarding of the order, with the aim of identifying the best contractors for the company.

We work on a cross-Group basis in this procurement unit with the aim of purchasing outstanding quality and sustainable innovations at the best possible prices. In this context we develop and implement procurement and supplier strategies, exploit market potential globally, optimise material costs and safeguard global volumes. In our role as central contact for the contractors, we negotiate on price, capacities and strategic alignment for our respective range of parts.

Our role in this business unit is to control the procurement systems and processes. In this regard we provide functional support for general and productive procurement in relation to process and system issues. We furthermore provide up-to-date capacity information globally, generate long-range demand figures and perform business evaluations.

We work on a cross-Group level in this procurement unit to elaborate cost analyses of components, investments and development costs. We therefore support purchasers in their negotiations with the aim of achieving the best costs.

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