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Volkswagen goes electric, goes BATTERY. Full force, big time. Developing and scaling up our own unified cell, ramping up in-house cell production, moving deep into the whole battery value chain. No one does it with so much commitment and power. Right in the center middle of Europe we are shaping the heart of electric mobility.

If you want to join us, Battery Valley is the place to be – the technology and innovation triangle between Salzgitter, Wolfsburg and Braunschweig. We are looking for new family members to join us!


In Volkswagen Battery Valley, we live and work by the terms of Life-Life-Balance. While you give everything to get the very best out of your professional life and help to change the way we move in the future, we do everything to support you and to keep your personal life in balance.

That and working on the forefront of tomorrow's mobility, helping to provide a liveable future for everyone and enjoying all the merits that come with being part of a global brand, is what makes Battery Valley so unique and special.

Small-town is the new downtown

Battery Valley is the area between Salzgitter, Wolfsburg and Braunschweig. And we’re not gonna lie, you’ll miss a lot here, that you only find in a big city: Overpriced apartments. Traffic jams. Air pollution. Waiting queues and guest lists. Concrete and commuting. You name it.

Instead – how about building a house for you and your family? Having a walk through the fields, just minutes away from your workplace? How about leaving in time to meet your friends, pick up the kids, or actually go for that run? Or if you really want to go all out: How about a short day trip to Berlin with enough time to return home for dinner?

  • Looking good!

    International working atmosphere. Flexible working hours. Mobile working. Personal development opportunities training. 30 days of holiday. These are just a few of our benefits to show you, that there is no actual reason to leave the valley ever again. If you still want a change: How about our global assignments program? Multiple learning programs? Or a cross-departmental switch?

  • Feeling better!

    What helps with the good vibes in the valley is that we just don’t care about certain things. We don’t care about where you come from. Or your looks, believes, or preferences. If it’s after us, you can come as your are. And be who you want to be. Because that’s what we care for: Creating an environment where you can be the best version of yourself to create the best work possible.

  • Creating greatness!

    In Battery Valley we bring together global battery experts, gigawatt hours of power and over a century of experience in building cars. And the biggest stage you can imagine. Because what you create here will find its way into million cars all over the planet. Have an impact on the future of mobility. Take your chance, come to Battery Valley and let’s create greatness.


Get to know the „Lion City“.


Meet the valley’s „Prince Charming“ and it’s idyllic districts.


The heart and headquarter of the Volkswagen Group.

Portrait Schöniger Sebastian
It motivates me to work in interdisciplinary teams and contribute to our electrification strategy.
Sebastian Schöniger
Head of Department | Development Battery Cells & Cellmodules
Here I have found like-minded people, who share the same interest for transformation and sustainability as me.
Elisabeth Nilsson
Project and ramp-up management at Volkswagen AG
Portrait Elisabeth Nilsson

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