Electrical engineering and information technology

(German: Elektro- und Informationstechnik)

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What is the course all about?

Electrical engineering and information technology is an interesting field that is always relevant, can be found in many areas of life and offers a wide variety of activities for electrical engineers. Because technology is continuing to develop at a rapid pace, we need well qualified specialists, for example in the area of multimedia, global energy supply and automation technology, in sensor technology and test instruments, in telecommunications and in information technology. On completion of your studies therefore, you can expect a broad working range between hardware-specific applications and software-based solutions in areas such as research, development and production in industrial control processes or data processing. Even if you would like to do something with media, this is just right for you. With the rapid pace of innovation in information technology, signal and data processing combined with close dovetailing of mobile communications, radio, television, Internet and related network connections, a host of different applications are open to you in the area of social media.


We offer this work-study degree programme in: 


Vocational training / practical experience

This work-study degree programme is offered as a combined vocational training and study programme (integrated vocational training). 

What does integrated vocational training mean?

Degree awarded

Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)

Additionally: final Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) examination as an electronics engineer in automation technology

Application deadline

01 August 2020 – 28 February 2021


Your work-study degree programme begins in September 2021.


Your work-study degree programme takes around four years.


You will receive EUR 1,134.50 monthly from us during your work-study degree programme.

We offer this work-study degree programme in: 



What you need
Study-related advanced courses with at least good results, an interest in technology, cars and the topic of mobility, dedication, personal initiative, mobility and the ability to cope under pressure, you should not be colour blind.

Language skills
You should have good knowledge of German. 

School leaving results
You need to have good final exam results. 

Have you not yet taken your final exams?
If you are in your final school year and will not have your school-leaving certificate in time for the application deadline, there’s no need to worry. Simply upload your last three school reports and additionally enter the relevant results from the last report in the designated fields of your online application.

Please also upload any other certificates that you may receive in the course of the application process into your online application profile. This way we will always be up to date.  

Attention: We only offer initial vocational training. If you have already completed vocational training or a course of study or if you have professional experience, we unfortunately cannot offer you a work-study degree programme at Volkswagen.

Entry options for experienced professionals

Training contents

We are known for our excellent vocational training. Find out here exactly what you can expect from us. Please note that changes to the procedure may be made at short notice.

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Work-study degree programme in electrical engineering and information technology including vocational training as an electronics engineer in automation technology
(German: Elektro- und Informationstechnik inkl. Elektroniker/-in für Automatisierungstechnik)

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