Vehicle painting specialist

(German: Fahrzeuglackierer/-in)

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Grinding, polishing and painting

Hi, my name is Pascal and I am currently completing my vocational training at Volkswagen as a vehicle painting specialist. I’m the one who literally puts the finishing touches to vehicles. Before the paint is applied, the surfaces have to be treated and coated to ensure everything turns out perfectly. Tomato red, spruce green or crazy turquoise: When customers have special requests, I mix the colour individually before donning my Darth Vader mask and commencing spraying. 

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Training at a glance


We offer this training in:


Application deadline

1 August 2020 until 28 February 2021

Start date and duration

Your training commences in September 2021 and will take around three years.


Your monthly remuneration is based on your year of training:

  • Year 1: EUR 1,068
  • Year 2: EUR 1,105
  • Year 3: EUR 1,219
  • Year 4: EUR 1,293

We offer this training in:


What is the apprenticeship all about?

As a vehicle painting specialist, you are responsible for planning, preparing and organising work duties and maintaining devices, tools, machines and systems. You will also treat and refine materials and additives and coating materials. Your tasks will also include producing lettering, design and special paint effects.

Your development opportunities

On completion of your vocational training as a vehicle painting specialist, you can of course further your professional development in the subsequent years of your career. These exciting opportunities are open to you:

  • Vehicle painting foreman
  • Dye technician and paint engineer
  • Industrial foreman

Am I the right person for this?

This could be the perfect profession for you if this sounds like you:

  • You painted your own moped.
  • You don’t see a car body as a piece of sheet metal, rather as a perennial canvas.
  • You have always been artistically inclined.
  • You are a virtuoso with the graffiti can (but only on legally permitted surfaces of course).
  • You have a keen eye for quality.

Incidentally: Our apprenticeships are open to everyone, regardless of gender.


What you need
Good to excellent knowledge of maths and proficiency in physics and chemistry.

Language skills
You should have good knowledge of German.

School leaving results
We recommend you have a secondary school certificate.
Have you not yet taken your final exams?

Important note: We only offer initial vocational training. If you have already completed vocational training or if you have professional experience, we unfortunately cannot offer you vocational training at Volkswagen.

Training contents

We are known for our excellent vocational training. Find out here exactly what you can expect from us. Please note that changes to the procedure may be made at short notice.

Focal points in year 1

You will learn the following in your first year of training with us:

  • Dealing with customers
  • Handling information and communication technologies
  • Order acceptance including planning, preparing and organising work duties
  • Working in a team
  • Setting up work stations
  • Operating and maintaining devices, tools, machines and systems 
  • Treating and refining components and materials and additives and coating materials
  • Checking, assessing and preparing substrates
  • Producing, treating, handling and designing surfaces 
  • Performing quality assurance measures
Focal points in years 2 to 3

You will learn the following in the second part of your vocational training:

  • Performing assembly and removal work
  • Producing letterings, design painting and special paint effects
  • Applying initial coatings
  • Performing repairs
  • Performing paint repairs
  • Designing objects
  • Applying coating methods
  • Performing design painting and special paint effects
  • Preparing surfaces
  • Designing mobile advertising accessories


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Vehicle painting specialist

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You can apply for up to three apprenticeships at the same time. These alternatives may also be of interest to you:

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