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Unsolicited application.

You would like a job, but the one you want doesn't seem to exist? You can apply anyway.

Were you unable to find a position suitable for you in our careers section? Or do you have something to offer that doesn't yet exist as a job with us? No problem. We would love to find out what you have to offer. We keep an open mind always.

Is a speculative application worthwhile?

Applications for an advertised position are more successful than those that are made speculatively. This is because there is a current need behind such positions. This is not the case with speculative applications. Furthermore, an application for an advertised position allows you to show that you have considered the tasks, that you have the appropriate qualifications, and that you have a specific interest. We therefore recommend that you apply for an advertised position.

Before you make a speculative application.

Here is what you should do first.


Visit our job portal regularly.

Our careers section is always up to date. New job vacancies are uploaded to the system straight away. This means that, if you cannot find any suitable search results at 9 o’clock in the morning, this may have already changed by 11 o’clock.

We therefore suggest that you check our careers section at regular intervals before making a speculative application.



Use our Job Agent.

You can go to our job portal and instruct our online job agent there to tell you as soon as an appropriate job is advertised. Find out here just how quick and easy this is:

How to make a speculative application.

The right way.

If you would still like to make a speculative application to Volkswagen, enter the search term initiativ* (including asterisk) in our careers section and click on Search.

All current positions at Volkswagen for which you can make a speculative application will be shown. You can find further information on a position by clicking on the relevant entry. You also have the option here to apply for it.

No vacancies found?
If you cannot find any vacancies for a speculative application for a specific entry level or site, there are none currently being offered. A speculative application is not possible in this case.


And then?

What happens after the speculative application.

When you make a speculative application, your documents are put in a speculative application pool. Your qualifications will first be checked to determine whether you fulfil the basic requirements at Volkswagen. We will then check whether you could be considered for the position for which you applied. If this is not the case, your application will remain in the application process for a certain amount of time, depending on the site. You will be immediately informed if a vacancy for which you are suited appears in this time. Otherwise, we must unfortunately reject your application.

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