, 2019-09-24 11:32:22

Basic technical internship.

The ideal start to your studies.

The basic technical internship (German: Technisches Grundpraktikum) is a prerequisite for acceptance onto many technical study courses and can be completed at our Volkswagen sites. We help you to prepare optimally for courses in areas such as mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, electrical engineering or industrial engineering by acquiring basic technical knowledge (e.g. turning, milling, welding). You can complete the basic internship with us both before commencing your studies and also as part of a bachelor degree programme until you have acquired 89 credit points.

At a glance.

And now:

The details.

General requirements.

  • Technical course of study.
  • Enrolment or confirmation from the university.
  • Excerpt from the examination regulations, which shows that a basic internship is necessary.
  • Very good grades in maths and physics.

Working hours and remuneration.

You will work a 5-day week with us of 35 hours in duration. The total duration of the internship is listed below for each site.
The basic internship is remunerated.

Application opportunity.

All of the sites that currently offer places for a technical basic internship are listed below along with the application form in each case. If your preferred site is not listed at present, please check back again later.

You should submit the following documents along with your application:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Your most recent school report

Let’s get started.

Please choose one of the following sites.

Braunschweig site.

Internship period: June and August

Duration: 8 weeks.

Application period: 15.04. - 26.04.2019

Contakt: For questions, please contact: Finja.Breust@volkswagen.de


Emden site.

Information will be available soon.


Kassel site.

Internship period: 05.08. until 14.09.2019

Duration: 6 weeks.

Application period: Flexible.

Contakt: For questions, please contact: praktikantenbetreuung.kassel@volkswagen.de


Wolfsburg site.

Information will be available soon.


Werk Hannover.

Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge.

Information will be available soon.