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The benefit of hindsight.

You know it all in theory. But how does it work in practice? Find out for yourself! There are various opportunities and fields in which you can complete an internship at Volkswagen. They all have one thing in common: they all offer you valuable experience. And for this we offer you both voluntary and mandatory internships.

At a glance.

And now:

The details.

The general requirements.

Voluntary internship during studies

  • You are currently enrolled in an active, ongoing course of study.
  • Your grade average is equal to or better than 2.4.
  • You have not already completed a voluntary internship or student staff programme at Volkswagen.
  • Work permit for non-EU applicants.

Mandatory internship during studies

  • You are currently enrolled in an active, ongoing course of study.
  • Your grade average is equal to or better than 2.4.
  • You can produce official proof from your university of a mandatory internship which is yet to be undertaken (the curriculum alone is not sufficient).
  • Work permit for non-EU applicants.

Duration and mentoring.

Your internship will last between eight weeks and six months. The time and duration will be defined to suit your conditions of study. We recommend completing a six-month internship with us, as this gives you sufficient time to learn about Volkswagen and familiarise yourself with your topic.

A mentor from your specialist area will of course be on hand to support you during your internship as well as the intern support team to help you with administrative queries.


Remuneration & holidays.

Whether you are undertaking a voluntary or mandatory internship or writing your dissertation, we pay the full statutory minimum wage.

Interns at Volkswagen also receive paid holidays. The number of days is calculated on the basis of the duration of your internship and legal regulations.


An internship with all the extras.

An internship with Volkswagen allows you to get to know Europe’s largest automotive company, work in exciting areas of the company, have responsibility in projects and receive attractive remuneration.

But we offer you even more, including:

  • Employee rates when purchasing a Volkswagen
  • Help finding accommodation
  • A full tour of the factory
  • The option to take part in interview training (if available)
  • A regular social event for interns to share their experiences and to network

And after your internship with us?

If you make a positive impression as an intern and have achieved good or excellent grades in your studies, we offer even more options.


Dissertation or student staff position.

Did you enjoy your internship at Volkswagen and would like to further expand your practical experience afterwards? Then why not write your dissertation with us? Or you can work with us at the same time as studying by taking up a student staff position. To find out about the different options available to you, check with your mentoring department and the intern support team.


International internships.

Would you also like to see the big wide world while completing an internship? No problem.

The inside story.

Who could be better qualified to provide a clear and credible report about an internship at Volkswagen than an intern at Volkswagen? It's obvious, don't you think?

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