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A successful conclusion. Write your dissertation with us.

Do you want to step up a gear with us in the final stage of your studies. In principle, you can write your dissertation in any Volkswagen department. While doing so, you are integrated into the business process. You work full time at your own desk and have access to the full range of Volkswagen’s resources.  We create an ideal setting in which to write an excellent dissertation to complete your degree.

At a glance.

And now:

The details.

The requirements.

You must fulfil the following requirements to be able to write your final dissertation while you are with us:

  • You must be enrolled at a university.
  • Your grade average is equal to or better than 2.4.
  • Your university will accept a non-disclosure agreement with Volkswagen if one is needed.

Duration and mentoring.

You generally have between three and six months to write your dissertation. We work with you to set the precise duration and deadline for your dissertation, taking into account your conditions of study.

A mentor from your specialist area will of course be on hand to support you during your dissertation as well as the Intern Support Team to help you with administrative queries.


Identifying a topic.

If you have not yet decided on a particular topic, Volkswagen can provide assistance with its extensive catalogue of topics. We look forward to hearing your own suggestions.  You work with your professor and Volkswagen to decide on the topic of your dissertation.


Remuneration & holidays.

Whether you are undertaking a voluntary or mandatory internship or writing your dissertation, we pay the full statutory minimum wage. Basic internships are also remunerated.
At Volkswagen, students who are writing their dissertations are also entitled to holidays. The number of days is calculated on the basis of the duration of your internship.


A dissertation with all the extras.

Writing your dissertation at Volkswagen allows you to get to know Europe’s largest automotive company, work in exciting areas of the company, have responsibility in projects, gain access to company resources and receive attractive remuneration.

But we offer you even more, including:

  • Employee rates when purchasing or leasing a Volkswagen
  • Help finding accommodation
  • A full tour of the factory
  • Ordering specialist literature free of charge
  • Professional search options in databases for publications

The inside story.

Who could be better qualified to provide a clear and credible report about a dissertation at Volkswagen than a student at Volkswagen? It's obvious, don't you think?

Your application.

Let's get started.

Apply early to ensure the best start to a successful conclusion of your studies. After all, the early bird catches the worm.


Dates, deadlines and process.

Your application must reach us at least three to six months before your preferred start date. An online application is the fastest way.

Application process

We have made the process of applying to us as convenient as possible for you. It just takes five steps. Find out how the application process works in detail here:


Where and how do I apply?

Volkswagen offers a variety of employment options. Which areas of the business interest you? Take a look at the internship descriptions in our careers section and find out more about the details and requirements. And if you find an interesting position, simply apply directly online.

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