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As a top decision-maker, make a top management decision. Join us at Volkswagen.

Manage your own career successfully and join our management team. We are always seeking proven top experts like you.

General information.

Whether you have what it takes to become part of the management team at Volkswagen depends on a number of factors. If you meet these requirements, then we want to get to know you.



Are you interested in a position in management at Volkswagen? We expect you to have held a successful position in management, lasting several years, at other companies. In addition to a high standard of professionalism in your specialist field, you have a strong inner drive, excellent social skills and are highly motivated. International experience would be an added bonus. If you also have entrepreneurial skills and / or experience in staff management and have managed complex projects, we would like to meet you.

Management development.

Ready for the top? Volkswagen accompanies top talents on their path to management. 


Your path to management.

Our management development concept provides the framework that allows our best people to reach top positions. International development programmes, systematic exchange of talented employees and uniform standards throughout the company for management selection and development prepare our managers excellently to meet the requirements of a global player.

Programme for senior managers.

Our programme for senior managers - at Volkswagen this is the "Oberer Management Kreis (OMK)" - is entirely focused on further enhancing the entrepreneurial skills of our most experienced managers, and supporting participants in making the transition from operational to strategic management.
The special feature of this programme is that we link specific content for Volkswagen with current findings from management theory and practice. To do so, we frequently use the combination of internal experts and external instructors from reputed business schools.
As a lateral entrant in this area, you will receive a thorough insight into our company, extend your entrepreneurial skills and benefit from intensive networking in this programme.

iLead is an international management development programme, under which managers throughout the entire worldwide Volkswagen brand as well as colleagues from other companies within the Group and brands share experiences in order to become more effective in dealing with three core aspects of leadership: personal mastery, leading others and business management.
Starting with the individual competences and development opportunities, participants analyse their individual role as a manager and place it in an overall systemic context. Strategic matters concerning the Group are also discussed and worked on in detail.

We guarantee to promote, support and accompany our top people through to our highest management positions. The "Group Executive Programme” is a Group-wide executive development programme, conducted by the Volkswagen Group Academy in conjunction with top-level internal and external speakers.  It is directed at experienced senior managers with potential for top management positions. The objectives are to deal with future trends and the challenges of a global competition, to strengthen the network between the participants of the Group companies and to develop solutions for strategic projects of high relevance for the Volkswagen Group.


We offer the advice, inspiration, experience and expertise of experienced mentors especially for women to ensure their successful rise in management.


Wanted: Good female managers.

Participants are talented female employees in the Volkswagen Group with excellent departmental performance, an above-average achievement/performance assessment and the specific ambition of working in management.

There are three key elements to the management mentoring programme:

  • The one-on-one relationship between the mentor and the mentee: the personal exchange between a high-potential female employee and an experienced member of top management.
  • Schedule of supporting seminars, informational and dialogue events.
  • Candidates work through a project task and then present it in their own department.

Your advantages.

Your commitment to Volkswagen pays off.

  • Good work should be well rewarded.

    Compensation and benefits.

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  • Achieving a healthy work/life balance.

    Work flexibly.

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  • Your health and fitness are important to us.

    Volkswagen Checkup.

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  • Would you like to venture out into the wider world?

    Working abroad.

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  • We offer you so much more too.

    Further advantages offered by Volkswagen.

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The inside story.

Who could be better qualified to provide a clear and credible report about the management at Volkswagen than a manager at Volkswagen? It's obvious, don't you think?


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