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StartUp Cross.

Get a taste of Volkswagen abroad.

As an internationally minded graduate, the StartUp Cross programme offers you the perfect stepping stone into the diverse and international world of Volkswagen. With our StartUp Cross programme you can gain international experience and work on exciting projects immediately after completing your studies.

At a glance.

And now:

The details.


You must meet the following requirements to qualify for the StartUp Cross training programme:

  • Successfully completed studies
  • Final grade at least "good"
  • Suitable study length
  • Minimum international stay of 4 months during your studies (internship or semester abroad)
  • Relevant internships
  • Max. 1 year working experience
  • Interest in cars
  • Language skills (English, another foreign language would be an advantage)
  • Team spirit, personal initiative, flexibility, mobility, strong commitment and entrepreneurial mindset

Duration and mentoring.

With the StartUp Cross programme, you have 18 months – including 3 months at one of our international sites – to really get to know and experience Volkswagen. A personal mentor from management and our StartUp Cross team will be on hand to provide support throughout your traineeship. A mentor from the trainee community will also lend you support.

Programme content.

Illustrative roadmap for StartUp Cross.

The StartUp Cross Programme includes a number of different elements. Get to know Volkswagen and its many facets and get the best possible start with us.

  • 12 weeks

    The perfect start with Volkswagen.

    You will begin your trainee programme in your previously defined target area. Here you will get to know your future tasks and colleagues as well as your mentor from management. Together with your mentor and the StartUp Cross team you will then design your own custom trainee programme.

  • 6 to 8 weeks each

    Get to know Volkswagen

    This includes 6- to 8-week project assignments in the different areas of the company so that you can familiarise yourself with the world of Volkswagen along the entire process chain. This could include Research & Development, Production, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Controlling and a strategic division.

  • 12 weeks

    Venture out into the wider world.

    And then it is out into the wider world. You will gain extensive international experience during a 3-month international assignment. We will discuss which Volkswagen site you will be sent to. We will, of course, offer you assistance during your trip.

  • 2 weeks

    What do our customers expect?

    Another module is a stint in retail and the Volkswagen Autostadt – so that you know how our customers tick. Here you will acquire in-depth knowledge of customer expectations, along with commercial and sales processes.

  • 3 weeks

    Construct a Volkswagen.

    You will learn about the processes involved in our car manufacturing by completing a module in Production. As part of this you will spend time working in the three-shift system to experience at first hand how a Volkswagen is produced.


Non-specialist development.

To get the most from your specialist expertise, we further your skills through seminars, for example on issues such as project management, presentation skills and intercultural awareness.
In addition you will take part in excursions, information events, lectures or informal fireside discussions with members of management.

You can also demonstrate your social commitment by getting involved in a regional project, for example the "Kids Academy".


Flexible working.

Work on the move in agreement with your department.


A programme with all the extras.

To sum up: the StartUp Cross trainee programme is worth your while!

You benefit from:

  • a custom and flexible programme that lets you learn about and experience Volkswagen
  • individual and extensive supervision by our trainee coordinator, a mentor from management and a mentor from the trainee community
  • interesting courses and off-the-job activities
  • a company health centre and fitness studio
  • flexible working hours and the option of remote working
  • an attractive salary
  • a guaranteed transfer after the trainee programme

You also have the opportunity to purchase or lease a Volkswagen at exclusive employee rates.

  • Good work should be well rewarded.

    Compensation and benefits.

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  • Your health and fitness are important to us.

    Volkswagen Checkup.

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  • The 3 months international assignments during your StartUp Cross programme were not enough? No problem.

    Working abroad.

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  • We design development paths for you.

    Professional development.

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  • We offer you so much more too.

    Further advantages offered by Volkswagen.

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The inside story.

Who could be better qualified to provide a clear and credible report about the StartUp Cross programme at Volkswagen than a graduate at Volkswagen? It's obvious, don't you think?

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