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International internship in India

Welcome to Volkswagen India Private Limited

International internship in India

Welcome to Volkswagen India Private Limited

Unfortunately, no internships are currently offered at our site in India. However, you can find out all the details here should you be interested at a later time in an internship in India. Take a look now at the other sites.

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Snapshot of the most important information

A woman and two men working on a plan

Business areas offered
Research and development, production and logistics, PR and communication, procurement, quality assurance, human resources, controlling, finances and investor relations, law

Duration of internship
Three to six months

Start of internship
Throughout the year

Salary and benefits
Approx. 50,000 Indian rupees gross per month; support in seeking accommodation; lunch at the company, transport to the company; proportional sharing of costs (e.g. visa)

Monthly expenses
Approx. 38,000 Indian rupees per month

What you will need

Five business professionals in conversation at a table

Language knowledge
English: business fluent

Experience abroad
Not necessary

Work experience

Tick off the checklist – and then apply

A man working at a laptop; a woman studying a document

Documents required
Enrolment certificate, valid visa, work permit, health insurance

At least 4th semester, recommended vaccinations

Cover letter, CV, overview of grades (transcript), work and internship references

Application language

Unfortunately, internships are not possible at present at our site in India. Please check back on the page at a later time.

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