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Volkswagen World career pages -
the documents.

Download centre

This page contains links to all the documents that you can download from the Volkswagen World career pages, listed by the areas of the site on which they are mentioned. To download these documents you will need Acrobat Reader.

Tips and hits for your application to Volkswagen

This section explains how to apply to Volkswagen and what application forms you will need to fill in.

The EUROPASS CV is a way to present your curriculum vitae in a clear and effective format anywhere in the EU. It can be filled out individually by each applicant, and is standardised so that it can be easily understood and compared in any EU country. This CV template can be downloaded and filled in at the following link. Alternatively, you can fill out the European CV online and store it for reuse later.

Vocational training

This document provides a detailed guide to the sections of the online application form and notes on how to fill it in. It is a good idea to read this file through before starting the form, and to have it to hand throughout the application process.

If you are invited to a pre-employment medical examination, please print out and sign this document and bring it to the appointment.

Apply online for an apprenticeship or a work placement at Volkswagen! This document lists the information and documents you will need.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship or work placement, this document gives you the necessary background information.

Get to know the company. We are looking for the top minds from a graduating class.

Come and join us

If you are interested in an internship at one of our production companies or sales companies abroad this document gives you the necessary background information and shows who to contact.

Get to know the company. We are looking for the top minds from a graduating class.

Personnel policy

The Knowledge Relay is a method for transferring knowledge.

Advancement of women

Returning to work with the "Family management and career" seminar.

Targeted development of female talent through mentoring.

Working abroad

We offer you exciting opportunities in countries around the globe.



Become a Volkswagen Senior Expert.

Advertise for volunteers.

Refer to this document for information on insurance protection for volunteers. As insurance protection requirements vary from region to region, we have listed relevant information for each German federal state.

Information about safety for volunteers.

Niedersachsen offers more protection for volunteers.

This document aims to answer your questions.

How to get in touch, and how to find us.

pro Ehrenamt contacts at each location.


Employee's views on the various Volkswagen locations.

How to find us.

This family-oriented guide lists the services that Wolfsburg provides for families. It includes information bound to make your family's life in Wolfsburg easier.

Environmental policy and environmental principles

This document outlines key points of the Volkswagen Group's environmental policy.

The brochure linked to here sets out the environmental principles of the Volkswagen Group.

The constant improvement of Volkswagen products with regard to environmental compatibility and preservation of resources is an important part of corporate policy. Read more on the subject here.

Responsibility, Global Compact and Corporate Governance

Corporate social responsibility at Volkswagen.

Click this link for our latest sustainability report.

With this Declaration on Social Rights and Industrial Relations Volkswagen commits to fundamental social rights and principles. These underlie the spirit behind Volkswagen corporate policy.

Here is the Declaration of Compliance with the Corporate Governance Codex 2005.

And here is the current Declaration of Compliance by the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board to the Corporate Governance Codex 2008.