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Your route to us. Route description to Volkswagen. You think Volkswagen means Wolfsburg? Not quite. Of course, the Group's headquarters are in Wolfsburg, but Volkswagen is also present in other locations – Hanover, Braunschweig, Kassel, Emden and Salzgitter. You can find route descriptions for car and rail journeys here, allowing you to arrive without problems. Volkswagen wishes you a pleasant trip.
  • There are many routes to the Wolfsburg plant and your destination there, whether you are coming for an interview or to start work. The following section will guide you to Gate 17, where we welcome newcomers.

    The free works buses can take you quickly on from Gate 17 to all of the other sections of the plant.

    You will receive detailed directions from your contact partner, department or personnel officer.

    From the A2, take the A39 in the direction of Wolfsburg/Flechtorf at the Wolfsburg/Königslutter junction. Follow the A39 to the Wolfsburg-West junction. Leave the A39 and follow the signs to “Autostadt”. The road takes you directly to Heinrich-Nordhoff-Straße. Use the parking spaces on the left side opposite the railway station. From there, walk to the underpass at Gate 17 around 200 m from the railway station. Walk through the canal underpass and report to the plant security personnel.

    It is a five to ten minute walk from the main railway station in Wolfsburg to Gate 17. Leave the railway station via the main entrance and turn right, and keep walking until you reach the underpass to Gate 17 and then walk through it. Report to the plant security personnel.

    Take the bus to Wolfsburg central station (ZOB). Afterwards, turn left past the main station until you reach the underpass to Gate 17. Walk through this and report to the plant security personnel at the gate.

    Bus connections on the plant premises

    In the event that your interview or introductory talk is not being held near Gate 17, you can use the free bus services on the Wolfsburg plant premises.

    Arrive in even more comfort at your destination as a Volkswagen employee

    As soon as you become an employee at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, you can travel to the plant by bus and then home again even more quickly and more easily. This has been made possible by a plant bus network provided by the Wolfsburg transport company.