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The next big thing is waiting for the teams in 2017: Formula Student Germany goes driverless. The driverless competition class, Formula Student Driverless, will celebrate its premiere at Hockenheimring racetrack.

The students deal with every aspect that has to be considered when designing a racing car, from the initial idea through to the test phase. This gives them a great deal of valuable practical experience to add to the knowledge they have acquired during their studies. The team with the best overall package in terms of the dynamic disciplines of construction and performance, as well as the static disciplines of design and cost, will ultimately win the competition.

As an innovative company, Volkswagen is constantly on the lookout for dedicated and skilled staff. Volkswagen provides sponsorship for engineering students so that the company can strengthen its team and initiate contact with the next generation of talent. The regional teams from the Technical University of Braunschweig and Hanover University, and the teams from the University of Bremen and RWTH Aachen University, all receive professional support in the form of expertise and knowledge transfer from our specialists. The sponsored teams also include one from across the border – the team from the Delft University of Technology. The students from the Netherlands have previously achieved several notable successes and top finishes, including a series of consecutive victories in the Formula Student Electric competition.


The next Formula Student takes place from 08.08. until 13.08.2017.


The Hockenheimring race track. You can’t fail to spot our truck.

As in previous years, Volkswagen will again be on hand to supervise the teams and provide advice on "Working at Volkswagen" in summer 2017. There are plenty of opportunities to engage in technical discussions with experts from research and development, production, and a range of other business areas, and to take a closer look at the latest models in the Volkswagen range.

Overview – Volkswagen is supporting the following teams:
Bremergy Racing TeamGermanyUniversität Bremen
DUT Racing TeamNetherlandsTU Delft
Ecurie Aix TeamGermanyRWTH Aachen
HorsePower TeamGermanyLeibniz-Universität Hannover
Lions Racing TeamGermanyTU Braunschweig